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Don Jazzy can dance ! Sometimes you think fat people can’t dance because of their weight. But when you see one who really can dance you may start wondering how can they pull one like that. In his official instagram, Don Jazzy posted a video where he was dancing to the newly released single of Dr Sid, one of the Mavins family. In the post he announced that the single was out and jokingly said that it was produced by the “fat boy dancing.” The fat boy he was refering to is himself Don Jazzy.
Below the instagram post below is the full youtube audio of the Jensime single of Dr Sid. I think the beat is cool. The lyrics is ok too. Though I don’t understand the language, I guess he must be talking about fat ladies and their romantic dancing. It is not my thing though. I love lyrics that are inspiring. But all the same the Nigerian music industry is growing. Naturally we will get there where good lyrics matter in songs.


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