10 Football Clubs With The Highest Number of Fans

Football is the proverbial “evergreen land” in the category of games, it has been rated and is still rated the most watched sport, it spans through centuries and will continually be a source of entertainment, relaxation, bets, debate and many more to all and sundry. Below are the top 10 listed football clubs with the highest popularity.


  1. AC Milan bags 33.1 million followers

Six places above their position in the Deloitte Money League, Milan proved more famous with fans than investors. Its ratings are; Instagram: 2.9 million, Twitter: 4.4 million and Facebook: 24.8 million. Obviously, its strong Facebook followers secured its entry into the top 10.

  1. Juventus cops 35 million followers

Italy’s biggest and most successful football club overtakes Milan rivals thanks to an Instagram following of twice the size of Milan. It must have benefitted from four years of Pogba Paul, who has over 12 million Instagram followers. They are also the only team in Italy with several big name players and thus, steadily became the most followed Italian team worldwide. Take a look at the statistics; Twitter: 3.9 million, Instagram: 5.8 million, and Facebook: 25.3 million.

  1. Paris St.Germain snags 38.1 million followers

Paris St. Germain was founded in 1970 but its history goes as back as 1904. Established as “Stade Saint-Germain” in 1904, it was merged with Paris FC in 1970. PSG became a true European super power after “Qatar’s Sports Investments” bought the club and since then, they have won back-to-back French Liga titles and also doing pretty well in Europe. PSG became the “craziest” club when it signed on the current  most expensive player, Neymar. Jnr. Paris St.Germain records a remarkably high Twitter following, despite its use of French language. Its Instagram following must have benefitted from four years of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the 7th most famous athlete on the platform. Check out the numbers; Twitter: 4.2 million, Instagram: 7.3 million, and Facebook 26.6 million.

  1. Liverpool lands 40.2 million followers

Liverpool has always benefitted immensely and enjoyed a hugely loyal fanbase, they are the second most followed in Asia, Australia and they also have pretty solid following in America Animated manager, Jurgen Klopp is frequently the subject of viral videos and memes on social media, promoting the club the more. Here is the breakdown; Instagram: 3.8 million, Twitter: 6.8 million and Facebook: 29.6 million.

  1. Bayern Munich hooks 52.8 million followers.

Bayern Munich has been one of the most dominant football club in Europe as far as the performances are concerned. But the lack of exposure of German football outside Europe has somewhat kept Bayern from exploding in foreign countries as far as followeship is concerned. Unlike top rivals in Spain, Bayern Munich runs its Twitter page in its native language- even though its Facebook page is in the English language- which may provide explanation for its low following on the micro-blogging site. This sums up their ratings; Twitter: 3.3 million, Instagram: 8.9 million and Facebook: 40.6 million.



  1. Arsenal nails 55.3 million followers

The first of three English teams in the top five, Arsenal recorded the highest matchday attendance revenue of any side in the 2014/2015 season, which clearly translates into a lot of fans online. Currently, Arsenal has been involved in mouthwatering transfer activities like selling Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United, making him the current most paid premier league player swapping him for Mhikitaryan in a straight player swap. This is the analysis of their data; Instagram: 8.7 million, Twitter: 9 million and Facebook:  37.6 million.

  1. Chelsea traps 63.5 million followers

Chelsea has grown more massively as a club in the last 1 to 2 years since Anthonio Conte has taken over the management of the club. Chelsea has won 4 Premier League titles, 1 UEFA Champions League, 1 Europa League and number of domestic cups since 2004 which has elevated them in the popularity charts. Stanford Bridge continues to attract the biggest celebrity spectators and we well know that where celebrities go, social media follows suit. It may also wow you that centre-back, David Luiz is one of the most followed athletes on Instagram- he has nearly 16 million fans.

  1. Manchester United snags 97.9 million followers.

Most popular in the premiere league and richest in the world, Manchester United had a bumper 2016 after it acquired huge names: Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who have combined 36.8 million Instagram followers alone. They also sell the most shirts not only in premier league world but in the world with average yearly sales of around 1.2-1.5 million. The statistic is as follows: Twitter: 9.9 million, Instagram: 15.6 million and Facebook: 72.4 million

  1. Real Madrid lands 159.5 million followers

Real Madrid has always been a unique club with absolute rich history, infact, they are the most successful football team in the world having won 63 trophies including 10 European titles and most La Liga titles in Spain. Cristiano Ronaldo is not just the most followed footballer but most followed athlete on Instagram, currently standing at 89.4 million followers, unfortunately, currently, the Los Blancos has been facing a spell with them being about 11 points behind rival Barcelona fc despite haven won the past 2 champions league title, and with Cristiano Ronaldo winning the last Ballon  D’Or. Here is the breakdown; Twitter: 21.9 million, Instagram: 43.3 million and Facebook: 94.3 million.

…..and give it up for………

  1. Barcelona secures 159.9 million followers!

By the slimmest of margins, Spain’s Barcelona FC is currently the most popular and successful football club not only on social media but in other factors. Talking about winning the champions league 3 times and absolutely dominating Spanish La Liga winning several back to back league and cup titles.their success on the field made them the most loved and respected team around the world. The team owes a great deal of this fame and popularity to Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. who are two of the three most popular athletes on social media. Combined together, they make a formidable team and a follower catalyst. The numbers are; Twitter: 19.7 million, Instagram: 44.6 million and Facebook: 95.6 million.


There, you have it. The biggest clubs with the great number of fans.

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