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6 reasons why Cee C could win BBNaija reality show


#BBNaija show is coming to an end this weekend. The show was made to run for 12 weeks (84 days). So far, it has been a thrilling season 3 show. Remaining in the house now are five contestants from 20 contestants that started the show.

All the contestants are unique and talented in their own way. However, one contestant stands out in the house due to the fact that she moves from one controversy to another in the house. She is the one that Lolu in a recent interview referred to as NEPA – live wire. She is the lady with 9 lives. She is hated by many in the house hence she has always been nominated for eviction. Nevertheless she survived all and now among the final five. Many Nigerians hate her but, many Nigerians also like her for who she is.

#Ceec BBNaija 2018 could be said to be the face of the show. As much as many may not want to admit it, it is the fact. Many people said they started watching the show because of Cee C. She is the most talked about contestant in the house. This week, she came 14th in the worldwide trending topic on Twitter. This tells you how popular she is. In the history of the Big Brother reality show, no contestant has been able to gain that popularity. Is this her strategy ? We may not know for certain, but if it is, it has worked so far for her. At least she is in the final and has the potential of being the winner.

Below therefore are the 6 reasons why Cee C could win BBNaija reality show according to Funmi Kayode:

  1. She is the most talked about contestant.
  2. She is so courageous and bold despite being hated by other housemates.
  3. Though she is hated by her fellow housemates and a threat to them, she is loved by many Nigerians and other people outside Nigeria.
  4. She is the most nominated housemate for possible eviction, yet survived it all.
  5. She is not fake and will confront any housemate that crosses her path.
  6. She has a very big fan base and can be a threat to Miracle and Tobi.

And I may add to these mentioned by Funmi that though you may not like some of the things she does, you just like her. It is hard to tell. I will say she is likeable which makes many of her fans to ignore her flaws. In fact she is the embodiment of the show. The show is “double wahala” and CeeC gives you double “wahala” if you want it. She is “wahala “to her housemates. She is entertainment. She makes the show not to be boring. You have a reason to want to go back and know what she might have done or said again.

How will the internet react if at the end of the show, Cee C is proclaimed to be the winner ? I think it will burst. It may be fun to see this happen.

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