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Is Aisha Buhari saying APC should be voted out ? – Video

The wife of the president of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari is one who does not shy away from speaking her mind irrespective of whose Ox is gored. The first bold statement she made caused the popular reaction of President Buhari that, “She belongs to the other room.”

In an interview she granted to BBC, she suggested that Buhari’s government had been hijacked by only a “few people”, who were behind presidential appointments. Therefore, she warned him that she may not back him at the next election unless he shakes up his government.

This time, you can feel that things has not changed since she made the first out-cry. She complained again of two or three men who hold the government to ransom and control the running of the government. She is not really happy about the situation and she wants the men of Nigeria to rise up and oppose the men rather than “lick their shoes”.

Nevertheless, the question ordinary Nigerians would ask is, “Where is Buhari in all these ?” Can’t he sack the men destroying his government and keeping his wife unhappy ? Something is wrong somewhere ? Buhari is not in charge. This is the vibe we get from her statement.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

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