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Breaking News – Arsenal officially unveils Henrikh Mkhitaryan as Arsenal player

It is no more rumours. It is a fact. Henrikh Mkhitaryan is now officially an Arsenal player. He is a gunner ! Arsenal has officially unveiled him as their player. This means he will be the highest paid player in Arsenal at the moment. Also he will be playing along side with Mesut Ozil ! This is scary.

Mkhitaryan is a good player for sure. Though he was not consistently good at Manchester United, you could say that it was because his style of play does not fit well with Mourinho’s style. There are players like that who may be good at other teams but when the join Mourinho team, they are a flop. Kevin De Bryune is a good example. Now he is a top class player everyone wants in their team.

The deal is good for both teams – Man United and Arsenal. Man United swapped a player that does not fit their style of play with a player, Alexis Sanchez that is an all round player. A player that can play in the wing and can play in the middle. He is also a player that can score many goals. Last year he was the third heighest goal scorer in the premier league.

Arsenal received a player we think will suit the style of Wenger. He likes to run with the ball. He is skillful. And he can assist and score goals. He is a creative player. This is why it is dangerous to have two very good creative player in Arsenal – Ozil and Mkhi. If he hits top form as soon as possible, Arsenal will be very deadly in the attack. Of course, same with Man United. The deal is good for both teams.

Welcome to Arsenal Henrikh Mkhitaryan !

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