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Atiku: Your chance to speak to the nation at national TV – video contest


– Atiku calls for creation of one minute video from Nigerians

– “The Voice of the People” Contest

Your chance to speak to the nation on National TV. Simply post a one-minute video about your idea to get Nigeria working again to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account by Dec 24 with the hashtag #LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain and your state.

Terms and Conditions for ‘The Voice of the People’ Contest.

1. I am a Nigerian citizen.

2. I accept that my entry video can be used in any manner by the PDP Campaign Organisation in all media.

3. Accept the verdict of the judges to determine the winning videos.

4. I will not pay for votes or boost my entry via any unfair means to get my video into the consideration set.

5. Accept my photograph and image may be used for all promotional materials during and after the competition has ended.

6. Agree that my entry must conform to the submission dates as prescribed by the promoters of the competition. Competition opens on December 2, 2018 and closes on December 24, 2018. Any submission after the closing date will be disqualified.

7. Accept that all information I have provided about myself is accurate and correct. Any false information will lead to the disqualification of my entry.

8. Accept to keep all information I may receive during the course of participating in the competition with strict confidentiality.

9. Accept to travel to any location as may be required by the promoters of the competition in promoting the winners. The cost of travel will be provided by the promoters of the competition.

10. Expressly relinquish my rights to the use of my content for a period of 2 years to the PDP Campaign Organisation and its agents.

11. The People’s Democratic Party or it’s candidate shall not be held liable via litigation or other means for anything associated with the contest.

12. The judging criteria will be based on the following:
– The originality of the idea to help Get Nigeria working again.
– How feasible it would be to implement.
– The clarity of how the idea is communicated.
– The creativity of the video.
– The number of social media engagements generated by the video.

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