Ay Comedian and Alex Ekubo stars as the new Black Panther – Pictures and Video

ay live show 2018 April Fool edition

The new blockbuster movie Black Panther is making waves and breaking all forms of records. According to Forbes, it has hit about $1.1 billion USD worldwide. “With a $562 million domestic gross in just 24 days, Black Panther has passed The Dark Knight ($534m in 2008) to become the second highest-grossing comic book superhero movie of all time in North America, behind only The Avengers ($623m)” , Scott Mendelson wrote for Forbes.

If you think it’s history breaking power is waning soon, you are in for a big surprise. In Nigeria, the movie Black Panther has broken another record by getting itself into the AY Live show. Lol. The Easter 2018 edition of the AY Live show titled, “April Fool” Wakanda Style seem to have come and gone however, the wave of the show flows on due to the Black Panther effect.

AY Live fans are already sending their positive reviews of the show. These are some of the positive tweets about the show from Oruwari Daala and Obaro Tiblaze:


Ay also posted a picture  on his instagram page where he and Alex Ekubo dressed as Black Panthers. In another picture at the same instagram page, he was portrayed as the Wakanda King in battle with Bryan Okwara. He also released a video showing a short skit of the Nigerian comic version of the Black Panther movie. I will tell you that it is very hilarious and interesting at the same time. Fans are like they can’t wait for him to release the full video at his official youtube channel to see how the Black Panther skit played out in the Ay Live show.

ay live show, 2018 april fool edition

Questions people are asking are: Will AY be releasing a full video of a Nigerian comic version of the Black Panther ? Or is it just only a short skit for the Ay Live show ? We are waiting to see how everything will play out.

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