BB Naija: Five Major Highlights From The Big Brother House So Far

Missing all the action going down at the Big Brother House? Fear not! We got you. Here are five major highlights from the House so far.

 That’s right. They’ve already started touching each other inside the house. Housemates, Miracle and Nina, shared a lip to lip moment in the shower in their underwear. The kiss is especially surprising since Nina shared that she is already in a relationship and she wasn’t looking forward to having a romantic relationship in the house.
2.Fake Eviction

Big Brother spiced things up not long after the housemates got in with a fake eviction. He told the housemates who couldn’t get a number matching their bed to exit the house. However, after the six housemates were ‘evicted’, they were surprised to find out it was a prank and were treated to a meal.
3.Bitto Touches Princess Inappropriately

Bitto, the ring man, was summoned to the diary room by Big Brother for a warning after he was seen getting too cozy with a fellow housemate, Princess, without her consent.
4.The Bra-less Twerker

24 year old Khloe, during a bonding session with her fellow housemates, started dancing and twerking bra-less. It was quite a sight to behold.
5.Tobi Becomes The First House Head

Tobi became the first house head after emerging victorious from a challenge featuring 8 housemates. After winning, Tobi chose to be addressed as Kabio’osi. He also selected a female housemate, Sisi, to share his luxury room.

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