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BBnaija || Big Brother Naija reality show – what is it about

bbnaija or big brother naija


Big Brother Naija or BBnaija is a reality TV series in Nigeria. In fact, it is believed to be the biggest reality show in Nigeria with 170 million people voting for the 2018 edition. In this article we will be looking  deep into what exactly the program is.

Origin of BBnaija

Big Brother Naija (BBnaija) is a reality competition show which came out of BBA or Big Brother Africa version. Basically the Big Brother show started in the Netherland through the creation of John de Mol Jr on 16 September, 1999. The name Big Brother was taken from George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four which has a theme of continuous oppressive surveillance. Today, the franchise has spread across 54 countries and region. Nigeria is one of them hence the name BBnaija or Big Brother Naija.

Aim of the show

The show BBnaija bring people who could be polar apart in character and personality and lock them up in a house for about  three months. Consequently, we could say that the show is a social experiment. With the way these different personalities lived together, we may have scientifically documented data how human live together in a specific kind of situation. The show promotes Nigerian culture and diversity also. As well, many young hidden talents have been given a platform to showcase their talent to the world. And through the show, many of them became well known in Nigeria for instance, Bisola, Efe, Marvis and many more.

Nature of the show

The contestant of the show are called housemates. They are so – called because they are locked up in isolation from the real world in a big house where they lived together for about three months. They are isolated from the outside world without access to their phones, tv, radio or the internet. However, in the house, there are live cameras almost everywhere in the house which are live – streamed to the tv audience. The housemates  of BBnaija wear very powerful microphone so that the audience could hear their conversations.

Every week, the Big Brother Naija contestants nominate their least favorite in the house for possible eviction. The BBnaija housemates with the highest number of nomination face eviction voting from the audience.

One or two housemates are evicted every week depending on the decision of Big Brother – an invisible deep voiced male that has his eyes all over the house. Like they say, “Big Brother is watching.” The audience vote out any housemate of their choice that was nominated they don’t want to remain in the house. This is done with different mobile phone networks like MTN and and GLO. There is also internet voting where some people vote using the program’s web page.

Big Brother now and then invite the housemates individually for diary sessions. During the diary session Big Brother tend to ask them some questions about their experience in the house, the relationship or alliances they are forming, and any other personal or general questions. The diary session happens in the diary room.

In Big Brother Naija, the contestants are also do weekly task and competition. There is always a prize for winning the weekly competition and task. It could be the prize of winning the head of house who has nomination and eviction immunity. Some other times, the prize could be money given to the contestant at the end of the show.  In all, the prizes could be anything Big Brother decides.

Though the reality show is streamed live to paid viewing audience, there are also daily and weekly updates which producers of the program do published on their website. The winner of the reality tv series is given N25 million  and a brand new SUV.

Big Brother Naija Contestants

The contestants are called housemates. First show had 14 housemates where Katung Aduwak won the $100,000 price. In BBnaija 2017, there were 12 housemates and EFE won the first prize with Bisola and Tboss as the first runner and 2nd runner up respectively. This year, Big Brother Naija 2018, the number of housemates that got into the house were 20 in number. The housemate that won the first prize is Miracle. The first and 2nd runners up are Ceecee and Tobi respectively.

BBnaija Location

The very first edition of BBnaija was held in Lagos, Nigeria. However, today the venue has been shifted to South Africa.

The company in charge of the program

The organisers of BBnaija reality tv series show is Multichoice.

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