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#BBnaija – Ceec and Tobi lovely moments together in BBNaija – Video

ceec and Tobi moments

I just came across this youtube video of the love moments Ceec and Tobi had together when they were in the house. It now makes sense to me why both of them feel deeply hurt at each other. They were deeply in love. Or if you don’t want to call that love, call it deeply fond of each other. Maybe they were just at the edge of falling in love and they wanted to and they thought it would happen. And when it did not happen due to the fact that both of them were always at each other’s neck, they were deeply disappointed.

Though now it appears they dislike each other, you can still see the feelings for each other in their fights. They fought and quarrelled like people in love. They expected more from each other. Disappointment felt against a loved one is the deepest. It hurts most. It goes deep into the bone marrow.

Will they settle in the future. Maybe. But not to being in love again. It is hard for such to happen. They can just be friends and be nice to each other. However, for the feelings, it will still be there. But it will be one that will be bottled up.

One of the lines of Tobi when both of them were still fond of each was, “There will never be a time I will not like you. That day will never ever come under the sun.” Wow, that was an emotion laden line from him. You could hear it in his voice. It sounded like he meant it. And you could see it in the face of Ceec that she felt those words.

Where did the feelings of those words go Tobi ? I guess they are still there. Are you trying hard to suppress it ? Is your relationship with Alex what you needed at the time to help you suppress and forget the moments and feelings ? Maybe we the fans should learn to let go of the past. Hard isn’t it ?


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