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Borno Governor empower youth with “shoe maker” box – What a Clown !

See what the Governor of Borno state, Kashim Shettima says he is using to empower the youth in his state. What a clown. This is really ludicrous. What kind of country do we live in. How can a governor buy “show maker” box and distribute to the youth in his state and say it is empowerment. How much will they earn from it a day. Why not build shoe factory in his state. Train his youth who are gifted in making shoes and employ them in the factory. Why not use that money to train them in school so that at the right time they can get good job that will empower them. There are many things the youth can be train in. IT is a big business today. Why not open and Information Technology hub in his state and fund it. Then send his youth to the school so that they came have a big IT industry in his state like Silicon Valley. Ok, the popular word today in Nigeria is Agriculture. Why to give them grants or long term to that will help them to establish large scale industrial agricultural clusters in the state. On person who is empowered this way will create job for many others where they would be paid at least something better than what the “shoe maker” box will give them.

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