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#Buharipoll : BUHARI OPINION POLL IS ON – JOIN NOW #aeroberrybuharipoll

buhari opinion poll

Buhari opinion poll is going on right now on Twitter. At the moment we are restricting it to Twitter. We want to see how this one will go before we extend it to other social media. Join and express your view about how you feel regarding President Buhari government. The poll is very simple. All you need to do is click the link below which will take you to the Twitter page where the poll can be done. Secondly, there is a question about your feeling regarding Buhari’s government. All you need to do is click any of the button that reflects your answer. We have the “Yes button”, “No button” and the “Not sure” button. The poll does not require your details. So your privacy is secure.

What do we aim to achieve with this ? We aim to get at least twenty thousand persons do the poll from different locations in the country. This will give us a rough idea of what people think about president Buhari’s government. This will be published in the news media. A good poll will tell the government what people think about them. Hopefully they will listen. Sometimes they are surrounded by sycophants who don’t tell them the truth. With such type of poll that hides who you are, people can freely express their views.

Please lets do this. 20,000 votes is the target. Share the poll. Retweet it. Tell your friends about it.

Here is the poll on Twitter:

Call : 08147650265 or +2348147650265

email us on :

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