Croatia humiliates Argentina at the soccer world cup in Russia 0 -3


Argentina was the highest rated team in group D before the world cup started, however, with the game today they have shown that they are not ready for this world cup. They drew 1 -1 in their first game with Iceland. And in their second game with Croatia which just finished some few minutes ago, the lost 0 – 3.

The reason pundits rated Argentina’s team high was because of the quality of the players in the team. They have Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Dybala, Mascerano, Otamendi and more. The name of the players sends shivers in the spine of their opponents. Nevertheless, the team is not living up to expectations. The players seem not to be performing up to standard.

Croatia was the better team in the match. Luka Modric, the Croatian captain scored a spectacular goal from outside the eighteen yard box. Rakitic another world class Croatian midfielder, scored the last and third goal with the Argentinian defenders ball-watching. It was a mess. The first goal summed it up when Argentinian goalkeeper Cabellero gifted the Croatian player Rebic an easy goal. He was given a back pass, rather than clear it out, while trying to chip it over Rebic, he ended up playing it to him who made good use of the gift.

With this game, Croatia has qualified for the second round from the group leaving Nigeria, Iceland and Argentina contending for who will join them.

Nigerians will be happy and sort of consoled that Croatia defeated Argentina 3 – 0. Recalled that Nigeria lost to Croatia 2 – 0. Nigerian fans actually celebrated the destruction of Argentina by Croatia. See the celebration in the video below:

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