davido buys porsche car for chioma

Wow, something seems to be getting closer. The wedding bell is ringing. Davido appears to be really in love with his girl friend Chioma. It is all written in his body language. If you are a good body language reader you may understand what I am saying. I have been following some of his recent photos with her, and this is what I see in the photos especially right from the time both of them went on vacation to Barbados.

This early morning I woke up and the big viral news is that Davido bought his girl friend Chioma Porsche car. Wow !!! This is huge. For your information, the gift is for her birthday.

Is she not lucky to have a boy friend like him ? I hope soon they will reveal what they have been cooking. The dish will be delicious. Can you feel me ? This relationship is going somewhere. And only one clear direction. If you are a “prophet”  or “prophetess” you would see this. Lol.

See below the short instagram video evidence:

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