DJ ECool feat Davido – ADA (Official Video)

DJ ECool ft Davido  ADA (Official Video)

Ada, DJ Ecool song featuring Davido is a cool song. In fact the song is a ‘banger’. From the lyrics to the instrument and then to the visuals.

Let’s begin with the voice. Davido’s voice is always the same. I don’t mean this in a bad way. Rather, his voice has a way of blending perfectly with the songs he sings. Kudos to him for this. This means that while in the studio, he makes effort to see that the key use in the songs suit his voice. Secondly the style of song suit naturally to his voice. Moreover, you could see that he is relaxed and enjoying himself. He is not thinking about what he is singing, rather he is feeling what he is singing. This bit is infectious on those who listen to his songs. You could feel the song with him.

The instrumentalist are very good. I will give special mention of the guitarists. It appears they used two beautiful guitar sounds. The person who played the two guitars did very good job. The guitar sound that is a constant from the beginning to the end is a great piece of music creation. The sound is so beautiful and melts the hearts. The sound of the guitar and the rhythmic flow  suits the song which is about love. The sound flows smoothly from the beginning to the end of the song. It is not too much and neither is it not enough. In all the creation of the sound is something else. I give kudos to them for the sound.

For the lyrics, it is good. I like Davido for one thing and that is he sings with good lyrics. His songs make sense. This song is one that reflects the life of guys in African. It reflects the play boy side of their life. It reflects the negative experience from girls who are interested only in the money of guys. This he called the gold diggesr. And it reflects the life of the guy who found true love and is having sleepless night and can’t take the thought of the girl off his mind.

The visual is nice. It is simple and clean. However, the two girls exposing their two front “specials”, I am not sure if it is really needed.

What a beautiful song. In truth i have been playing it repeatedly. Kudos DJ Ecool and Davido.

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