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How To Fill JAMB Form

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board is the body responsible for conducting entrants exams into higher education institutions. For the comfort of young Nigerians, we have compiled a list of the most important information you need on how to correctly fill a JAMB form.

JAMB form: what is it?
JAMB form is a registration form sold yearly by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board in preparation for entrants examinations into universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria. Every student aspiring to obtain a graduate degree in Nigeria must purchase, fill and submit this form. Years ago, JAMB forms were sold in hard copies, but now are received, filled and submitted online.

So, how does the Nigerian student fill a JAMB form? There are three total steps. The first step is JAMB profile creation – you will have to create your own profile on JAMB’s official website. Then, you will need to get a JAMB electronic pin-code. Afterwards, you will have to go to any JAMB center nearby you to record your fingerprints and clarify the details.

Step one: JAMB profile creation
To make your official profile on JAMB official website, you will have to get a valid e-mail. If you do not have an e-mail, you will have to create one. The best platforms for that would be Gmail and Yahoo. If you already have one, you will need to enter it while filling your form.

Once you have got an e-mail address, you can enter it in the sign-up form along with a secret question and the answer to the secret question, which are needed in case you forget your e-mail. Click “verify e-mail”, then go to your mailbox to confirm your e-mail address.

You should not delete the e-mail which you have received, because it is important and contains the unique code that you will need later when you register at CBT Centre.

Once you have completed the much-needed registration procedure, you will be redirected to the application page, where you are supposed to fill in the necessary information about yourself for the higher education institution you are applying for.

Step two: how to get a JAMB E-pin?
This step is considered completed if you have visited one of the following:

First Bank
Skye Bank
Union Bank
Zenith Bank
Once you are in the bank, you will have to do some necessary payments in order to obtain your exclusive e-pin. you will be required to pay is ₦5000 for the scratch card and ₦1000 for registration online.

Step three: filling in your JAMB registration form
This is the most important stage because you will have to fill in all the details in your registration form carefully. You need to know some important data that you will have to provide for the application:

First of all, you have to provide all the UME subjects for the course that you have chosen.
Select the state you’d prefer to write your exam. The specific examination centre will be given to you by JAMB.
Your three primary choices of higher education institutions have to be put imputed too. You can choose any universities, colleges education or polytechnics that you like.
The other important requirement is choosing a course that you would like to study for each higher education institution that you have chosen.
A really significant thing you will need is a passport photograph. Keep in mind that the photograph has to be no more than three months old, and should be of a good quality.
Of course, you will need to fill the results of your O level exams.

As you fill in your form, remember that your higher education has potential to change the course of your entire life, and the choice is hard, but in the end, it has to be wise. Do not make any spontaneous decisions. Remember the following points:

Always clarify the tuition of your chosen higher education institution, and make sure that you and your family can afford it.
Carefully compare your academic results with the O-level requirements for the courses in those institutions you have applied for. If you do not meet the requirements, you should not apply for those institutions because you will end up being rejected.
Double-check if the institution you have applied for has that course available.
Find out the rank of this university or college. Obviously, everyone wants to become a student of the best higher education institution, and online educational websites often do an official ranking of the Nigerian schools. You can turn to those and check how highly your preferred institution is ranked.

The filling of JAMB form will become a first step on the way to your successful future of a higher education institution student. You should be responsible for filling in the form and think twice about the schools you would like to attend.

We hope you’ll make the right choices and achieve your dreams!

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