#ThisIsNigeria: Falz This Is Nigeria music gone viral

When Childish Gambino released “This is America” viral song, no body thought the fever will spread to the Nigerian creative booming music scene. He also didn’t know he will inspire some artist far off the shores of the American land of many possibilities. Falz the bad guy, one of Nigeria’s A list music artist, was inspired by Gambino’s song. In fact, Gambino’s “This is America” fever was caught by Falz. Consequently, he released Childish Gambino’s version of “This is America” in a Nigerian garb and tagged it “This Is Nigeria” #ThisIsNigeria. As a matter of fact this music has gone viral. As of when this article was written, it was #2 in the trending story on Twitter in Nigeria. An hour before,  it was #1 on Twitter.

falz this is nigeria song || #thisisnigeria

The music highlighted the various ills in the Nigerian society. It highlighted corruption in the political system; corruption in the police force (SARS); the kidnapping of school children at Dapchi and Chibok; the drug abuse cases in country; the failed health care system and many others. He did it in a very entertaining way that the message sinks. In a 3:42 mins song, the situation of Nigeria was summarised. One very interesting line for me there is the one that said, “police station dey close 6pm for security reason.” What a line.

One of Falz’s fans on his twitter handle said something which resonated very well with me. He said, “I am relating to this version than the original”. True, this speaks to Nigerians. Hopefully, this comment won’t attract the ire of Childish Gambino. lol.

Will this lead to a change in the system  or would we all just be entertained, dance to the “banger” sound like the hijab girls in the video and talk about it for a while before the dust it raises fades ? This is the question that one will ask following the release of the song. Who knows. At least somebody with a big voice is saying something that everyone in the country will hear and maybe listen to.

This is the Youtube clip of the song:

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