Next level: Group Hails Buhari’s Development Plan For Nigeria

– President Muhammadu Buhari has been commended for the launch of the Next Level policy document

– The group said the new documented is very clear and concise for assimilation by Nigerians

– According to the group, with the document, Nigeria is now on the path to full recovery and growth, after several years of plundering by previous governments

A civil group has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for his development plan in Nigeria.

The Good Governance and Transparency Initiative (GGAT) said Buhari/APC’s ‘Next Level’ policy document unveiled on Sunday, November 19, is an indication that Nigeria is surely heading for the desired level under the current government.

Speaking at a press conference in Abuja, GGAT national president, Emerald Nzeribe, said with the Next Level policy document, Nigeria is now on the path to full recovery and growth, after several years of plundering by previous governments.

Nzeribe said GGAT have gone through the Buhari/APC “Next Level” policy document and realized that after several years of plundering by previous governments, Nigeria is sure to make it through sustainable development.

He said: “That is just a glimpse of where we were coming from as a nation. When the Buhari administration came in oil prices dropped to as low as $26 a barrel but that will be no excuse for them.

“They went ahead to complete several projects that the previous government started but abandoned because funds that should have been allocated to such critical projects were rather diverted and siphoned into private pockets.

“Such was the level of profligacy and wanton stealing by the previous party in power. By May 2015 several states owed many months of salary arrears, even some federal government agencies and parastatals also owed salaries. That was how bad things were when this government came to power in May 2015.

“Insecurity; Over 14 local governments were under the control of Boko Haram, hoisting flags, collecting taxes ruling over those territories. Bombs were going off in many states of the federation including the FCT.

“Today all 14 local governments have been liberated, Boko Haram have been decimated and reduced to carrying out soft target attacks, as they no longer have capacity to carry out such massive audacious attacks like they did pre-May 2015. The bombings have stopped. The age long Farmer- herders clash has been reduced drastically and the government of Buhari is moving to have it resolved once and for all,” Nzeribe added.

Listing other feats by the President Buhari-led administration, Nzeribe said the new policy document is clear and concise on the way forward for the country.

He said the document lays out in clear terms its plan to tackle unemployment in the country, through the continuation and expansion of the several social intervention programs of the APC government.

“Credibility is the difference between APC and the challenging PDP. Whilst the Buhari government has evidence of what it has done. It appears the PDP is wishing to run and campaign without recourse to its past record in government, perhaps because of their abysmal performance then. That must be wishful thinking as Nigerians will judge both parties by what they have done and not what they intend to do only.

“In the 2019 elections there will be no new comer. Both parties have been in government at different times so they will run on their track records. Buhari/APC will run on their record in the last three and a half years whilst the PDP/Atiku will run on their record in the 16 years they ruled the country. Mouthing promises alone will not do it,” he added.

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