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Heavy Outrage Over Adeboye’s ‘No Tithe, No Heaven” Comment (VIDEO)


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A Lot of Nigerians on social media have condemned recent comments attributed to the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye that Church goers who do not pay tithe will not go to Heaven.

PoliticsNGR has been furnished with a clip of the popular pastor making the statement to pastors of the church during a retreat. Below are screenshots of Nigerians on social media reacting to the development;

tt2 700x1244 - Heavy Outrage over Adeboye's 'No Tithe, No Heaven" Comment (VIDEO)
tt - Heavy Outrage over Adeboye's 'No Tithe, No Heaven" Comment (VIDEO)

BBC pidgin also reported on the development, they wrote;

“Nigerians dey vex for Pastor Adeboye ‘No tithe, no heaven’ statement

Social media scatter after one trending video show Nigerian pastor E. A. Adeboye dey talk for pulpit say anybody wey no dey pay dia tithe no go make heaven.

Adeboye wey be di General Overseer of di Redeemed Christian Church of God bin tell im pastors wey dey di church service say im get instruction for dem.

Im tell dem say make dem go tell dia church members say, “Anybodi wey no dey pay im tithe no dey go heaven, full stop.”

As di video begin trend, plenty Nigerians start to dey para say which kain talk be dis sotay some even call di pastor personal assistant to God.

But dis man we dey even attend Redeemed Church talk say di pastor for im own branch no dey force dem pay tithe. But as di church oga kpatakpata don talk am, which one di worshippers go come follow?

Odas dey wey support Pastor Adeboye say if pesin no dey pay tithe, dem dey disobey God.

Pastor Tunde Bakare, wey be anoda ogbonge pastor for Nigeria bin tell BBC say to pay tithe no be by force.”

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