Juliet Ibrahim dancing Shaku Shaku for Cee C of BBNaija – Video

There was a big eviction show at BBNaija this weekend, the final eviction week. Cee C, Lolu, Miracle, Khloe and Anto were up for eviction. You know what ?  Among all of these up for eviction only Cee C and Miracle survived it and made it to the final  week with Toby, Alex and Nina.

As the vote went Miracle got the highest vote with 44.33% vote. Cee C the queen of the house got the second highest vote with 27.88% vote. Lolu, Anto and Khloe got the 3rd (22.23%), 4th (3.67%) and 5th (1.89%) highest vote respectively.

Cee C clearly is the most hated in the house and she is known for picking fight with almost everyone in the house. Consequently, many people did not expect that she will be among those that will stay in the house till the last week of the show. She is always nominated for eviction every week.

You can understand then when a very strong supporter and fan of Cee C, the popular Nollywood diva, Juliet Ibrahim started dancing Shaku Shaku in celebration of Cee C surviving eviction and being among those staying for the final week. She also thanked everyone who voted to keep Cee C in the house and urged them to come out strong this last week and vote for her. “This is to say thanks to everyone who voted for our girl @ceec_official 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤣🤣 remember fam it’s time to VOTE AND GO HARD! 🤗😘🤦‍♀️” Juliet Ibrahim wrote in her Instagram page.

How can Cee C cope this last week in the house where all in the house clearly does not like her and she may likely face marginalisation and exclusion. It will be interesting to watch how she will cope with Toby, Nina, Miracle and Alex all ganging up against her. I just think if they do this against her, they will make people to vote for her the more. She will gather more votes because of pity. Sure,  people does not want to see someone being bullied or being ganged up against.

So if you want to join Juliet Ibrahim to vote for Cee C this week to make sure that Cee C wins the money, SMS Vote Cee-C to 32052.  Vote online: africamagic.tv/bbvote

Video of Juliet Ibrahim dancing Shaku Shaku for Cee C of BBNaija

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