Kanye West set Twitter ablaze with his fiery Tweets

Kanye West Twitter Rampage

Wowow, Twitter is on fire right now. Do you notice it ? Kanye West has set it on fire and everyone is wondering what is happening. Before now, he has been on hiatus for a year sort of. No body really heard much about him. This does not mean he has not been twitting. Rather, his tweets has not been the type that blow the roof off.

In my own opinion, following the news, all these changed when he tweeted about a radical right wing black American,  Candace Owens. Candace Owens (born 1990) is an American writer, producer, and conservative commentator. In his Tweet, he said he like the way she thinks. Wow, this was unbearable for the left liberal thinking people of America. He (Kanye) just poured the gasoline on the fire. The negative reactions on Twitter, the liberal media character assassination etc were fierce and putrid. Some said he has gone gaga. Some others said he lost it when he married Kim Kardashian. In fact he caused a war of hateful words between conservative Republican thinkers and the liberal Democrat thinkers. It was as if a 3rd world war had erupted. All happening on Kanye West Twitter handle.

With this barrage of attack on him, it appears he was energized and Kanye West then started what the left called “Kanye Twitter rampage” that continued for days. He released a lot of Tweets with many claims, assertions, philosophical thoughts and so on. They were here and there. Some of the tweets are:

The tweet about people demonizing people is due to the negative reactions people who support Trump get from the liberals. For he went on to tweet his support for Trump by posting himself wearing the Trump “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) red hat.

Donald Trump received the positive vibe about him and he posted an acknowledgement and thank you tweet in return:

However, it appears his wife, Kim called him about this and he posted a explanatory tweet regarding his position about Trump.

Obama did not escape the hammer from him. He posted this negative tweet about Obama:

In his tweets he also made some bogus claims about his business. Some of them are:

Moreover, he made some big boast about his financial and business success and his contribution to the world:

Kim Kardashian Tweets in Support of Kanye West

His wife Kim must have received the heat of his tweets and could not bear it anymore but come out in support of her husband’s tweets. She posted couple of tweets shielding him from the different shades thrown at him like the one about Kanye loosing it.





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