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Kingsley Moghalu biography

Who is Professor Kingsley Moghalu ?

In this work, I will be looking into the life of this great achiever and philanthropist in Nigeria news, business, banking, economic and academic sphere, Professor Kingsley Moghalu. I will write about his family, education, career and profession and many other achievements and honors he has received.

Kingsley Moghalu’s Family

Kingsley Moghalu came from a family that worked for the Nigerian government in foreign missions and nationally. His full name is Professor Kingsley Bosah Chiedu Ayodele Moghalu. The name of his father who is now deceased is Isaac Chukwudum Moghalu and his mother is Lady Vidah Chinelo Moghalu. He is the first among five children.

Isaac Moghalu’s father was a Nigerian Foreign Service Officer. He was inducted into the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in 1960. He worked in the Nigerian embassy in Switzerland in 1963.  This was the year Kingsley Moghalu was born. However, he was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on May 7, 1963. It was shortly after his birth that his father was transferred to Switzerland. Later on, his father was transferred to work in the Nigerian Embassy in Washington, DC in 1964. This means that as a little child, Kingsley Moghalu lived in Switzerland and United States with his parents.

During the Nigerian civil war in 1967, his family returned to Nigeria and his father worked in the Eastern Region Civil Service and later the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Biafra. His Father remained in Eastern Nigeria even after the civil war and rose to become a Permanent Secretary.

Professor Kingsley Moghalu’s mother, Lady Vidah Chinelo Moghalu was a school teacher. She taught at the Breadfruit School in Lagos Island. However, she later transformed to a professional dietician.

Kingsley is married to Maryanne Moghalu, who is a lawyer and social entrepreneur. Together they have four children. He has four siblings – Nancy Ijeoma Ijemere, Chris Moghalu, Robert Odi Moghalu, and Chikezie Moghalu.


Kingsley Moghalu did his secondary education in different secondary schools – Eziama High School, Aba; Government College, Umuahia; and Federal Government College, Enugu.

For his tertiary education, he went to University of Nigeria, Nsukka where he obtained a degree in law and called to the Nigerian Bar in 1987. In 1991, he left Nigeria  for his post-graduate studies at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Here he got a master’s degree in international relations in 1992. While he was at the University, he was given the Joan Gillespie Fellowship award which is a scholarship  award in the University. His dream was to work in the United Nations while he was doing his studies there.

He took his studies to a higher level while he worked in the United Nations in Geneva. He embarked on a part – time studies to do a Doctorate degree in International Relations at the London School of Economics in 2005. He also did Risk Management at the UK Institute of Risk Management, London. Moreover, he did some further studies on macroeconomics, financial policy, corporate governance at the Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Business School, and the International Monetary Fund Institute.

 Career and profession

 Work Immediately after University in Nigeria

After Kingsley Moghalu finished is University education in Nsukka, Nigeria,  as is normal for a fresh graduate from a Nigerian University, he did his National Youth Service as a Legal Officer at the Shell Petroleum Development Company Ltd in Lagos. And when he finished his National Youth Service, he worked combining his legal profession with journalism. He worked as the general counsel of Newswatch, the leading news magazine in Nigeria at the time. He wrote a lot of articles for the Guardian newspaper for their opinion pages. Also, he was a special correspondent in Nigeria for several US and European newspapers like Africa News Service and the Christian Science Monitor.

United Nation Job

In 1992, he got the job to work in the UN Secretariat where he rose through the ranks from entry level Associate Officer to the higher career rank of Director. While he was at the UN, he did some assignments in areas such as legal, strategic planning and executive management at the UN Headquarters in New York, in Cambodia, Croatia, Tanzania and Switzerland.

He was among those appointed by the former UN Secretary Kofi Annan to do a core UN management reform. The five members of the high-level Redesign Panel on the UN Internal Justice System which he was part of, overhauled the regulatory compliance, accountability, and dispute resolution framework that governs the global workforce of the UN.

 Here he also helped to design a comprehensive risk management system for the $20 billion Global Fund in Geneva.  In addition, he was the Head of Global Partnerships and Resource Mobilization and a member of the Risk Committee.

Private Company

In January 2009, he resigned his permanent appointment in the UN to start his own company in Switzerland. He started the company called Sogato Strategies in Geneva with the minimum capital of 100,000 Swiss francs.  This was a risk advisory firm. Later this firm won profitable mandates from global corporations like the Swiss bank UBS and Syngenta, the Swiss agrochemicals multinational.

Kingsley Moghalu at the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria)

In 2009, the former President of Nigeria, now dead, Umaru Yar’Adua appointed him the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. He spent five years here managing the systemic risks to Nigeria’s financial system. He made sure the Nigerian financial system remained stable. He led the team that executed the controversial banking sector reforms initiated by then CBN Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. Also, he was in charge of Financial System Stability (FSS) and a member of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) and the bank’s board of directors. His work finished in CBN in November 2014.

A University Professor and Author

After finishing his work in the Central Bank of Nigeria, he was appointed Professor of Practice in International Business and Public Policy at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts Univerity, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Here he taught the course, “Emerging Africa in the World Economy” in the Economics and International Business Program of  this same school. He was a Senior Fellow at the institution’s Council on Emerging Market Enterprises.

Kingsley Moghalu is the author of the book, Emerging Africa: How the Global Economy’s ‘Last Frontier’ Can Prosper and Matter. This book was widely read and used in many Universities which was one of the reason he was made a Professor of Practice in the University. He also wrote other book like the “Bretton Woods: The Next 70 Years, Global Justice, and Rwanda’s Genocide.”

Other Achievements

When his years in the CBN was over, Kingsley Muoghalu also was appointed to the global Advisory Board of the London based Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF). He was a senior adviser here. OMFIF. Is a very influential  network of global institutional private investors and monetary  policy experts.

He is also into public speaking and media commentator. He is sought after to give talks at global forums. Moreover, he is a frequent commentator on CNN, BBC World TV, Bloomberg, and the London Financial Times.

In 2016, to train people in Nigeria to develop skills like himself, Professor Kingsley Moghalu founded the Institute for Governance and Economic Transformation (IGET). “This is a public policy think tank focused on contributing evidence-based solutions to help Nigeria and other African countries achieve inclusive growth and prosperity”.

Professor Kingsley Moghalu has received different honors like, the Officer of the Order of the Niger (OON) given to him by the President of Nigeria.  He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (FCIB) of Nigeria. And he was given the Rotary International Distinguished Service Award. Furthermore, he is a member of the American Economic Association, American Bar Association, Academy of International Business, Global Association of Risk Professionals, and the Nigerian Bar Association.


Professor Kingsley Moghalu is an accomplished personality in himself. Being successful in his career, he is trying to help others where he can. Hence, together with his wife, they founded Isaac Moghalu Foundation in 2005 in memory of his father Isaac Moghalu. Through this foundation he supports educational institutions and disadvantaged children and youth with things like building libraries for the schools and scholarships to students. With all these knowledge and experiences both local and international, he is thinking of running for the 2019 elections as the president of Nigeria.

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