2018: Lawmakers Reacts To Buhari’s New Year Speech; Tell President To ‘Walk The Talk’

New Year speech: Walk the talk – Lagos House of

Assembly tells Buhari

– Following his New Year’s address to the nation, President Muhammadu Buhari has been urged by the Lagos state House of Assembly, to ‘walk the talk’

– Hon Tunde Braimoh, the spokesman of the House, called on the president to repel any act or conduct calculated at sacrificing the cohesion, security and well being of the citizenry

– Braimoh further commended the president for putting the records straight on the fuel scarcity, and also praised him for addressing ways politicians ought to conduct themselves as they prepare to begin campaigning for the 2019 elections

The Lagos state House of Assembly has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to walk the talk in his 2018 New Year address to the nation, saying the address put records straight.

The spokesman of the House, Mr Tunde Braimoh, made the appeal while reacting to the President’s address on Monday, January 1.

We gathered that Braimoh, the chairman, House Committee on Information, Strategy and Publicity, described the president’s address as thoughtful, insightful, intuitive and an unequivocal manifestation of a determination to succeed.

He stated: “I can only encourage Mr President to walk his talk by repelling any act or conduct calculated at sacrificing the cohesion, security and well being of the citizenry at the altar of the avaricious covetousness of a few.

“The president’s reportage on the giant strides made by his administration in the transportation, power and works sectors especially railway, roads and electricity are heartwarming and portend harbingers of hope for Nigerians.

“These are lofty indicators of happier, rosier times to come in the near future.”

While commending the president for putting the records straight on fuel scarcity, the lawmaker urged him to expedite action at alleviating the suffering of the masses.

In his words: “The president’s address is a dispassionate and courageous attempt at setting the records straight as far as the human-induced-artificial fuel scarcity is concerned.

“Coming from the horse’s mouth, it now transcends equivocation or vacillation to situate the basis of the fuel scarcity properly.

“Some of us had always insinuated that the problem was man-made and targeted at denigrating the government and decimating its efforts.

“But the president’s speech has now given our suspicions the required empiricism.”

Braimoh equally commended the president for addressing ways and manners politicians ought to conduct themselves as 2019 electioneering campaigns approach.

The lawmaker lauded Buhari for cautioning aspirants to public offices to shun all tendencies and actions that could polarise and jeopardise the unity of the country.

“As intuitively observed by Mr President, we are in a year of electioneering with the attendant plagues of shenanigans, chicanery, unpatriotism, foul play and desperation.

“The maneuvers and manipulations of politicians to attain or retain power at all cost is the root cause of most of our socio-economic and ethno-religious problems,” he added.

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that a cross section of Nigerians in Damaturu on Monday, January 1, said President Muhammadu Buhari’s New Year speech provides hope for accelerated infrastructural development.

Alhaji Usman Habibu, a retired civil servant, stated that the federal government’s commitment to building roads and railways would enhance speedy development in the country.

He said providing railways would save roads and the huge resources used in maintaining them.

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