Leo from #BBNAIJA says he will date Alex on one condition

Leo #BBNaija

When Leo of #BBNaija left the Big Brother Naija 2018 house, Alex cried her heart out. It showed that she loved him a lot and she will miss him. After Leo left, she kept mentioning him here and there. Even when she and Tobi got together, you could tell she was not fully into Tobi. The guess was that her heart was with Leo though she liked Tobi as a friend. Tobi being human could feel it. There was a time he said he liked Alex a lot however, when they get outside the house, if Alex’s and Leo’s relationship did not work out, he would like to fill the space. Though this is not exactly as he put it, you can interpret his words to mean just this.

On the flip side of the story, though Alex seem to be madly into Leo, the guy has some other person in his heart. Is this not how love works sometimes ? Sometimes, the person we love does not love us back but may be interested in another person. Heart wrenching, isn’t it ?

In the interview below, Leo openly states that his love is not for Alex but for some other girl somewhere he did not mention.

What do you think ? Is he a betrayal ? Why did he let her in initially ?

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