NECLIVE: ‘Most Artistes Are Lazy’ – Ade Bantu Speaks On Structuring In The Entertainment Industry

Nigerian-German musician, producer and social activist, Ade Bantu believes the Nigerian entertainment industry can only flourish if structures are put in place and desperadoes who are exploiting people are taken out.

He said, ‘We just lack structure and artistes are just plain lazy. If you don’t have structure in place, you don’t have an industry’. ‘We have all the legislation that’s been put together but they are not being implemented’, he added.

Speaking further, Ade Bantu also said, ‘When you have a lot of desperadoes from artistes to management to so called labels, and also media exploiting vulnerable, uneducated young people that just want to make a dollar and keep on going, you have a very volatile mix of characters and events and situations.

‘So it is very challenging, but what I think is paramount is we all educate ourselves and then have the right players that come in.’ he concluded.

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