NAPTIP Arrests Man Accused Of Domestic Violence And Statutory Rape

A Facebook user, Mimi Atedze shared update of the man who beat his wife blue black.. Read below;

On receipt of the above complaint from the victim, the NAPTIP Rapid Response Squad reached out to the woman and provided security for her and her two kids.

The suspect (husband), Morgans Alepa, M, 37yrs, and a native of Kabba in Kogi State, who left home after the alleged domestic violence was tracked down and is currently in the custody of NAPTIP.

The Case which is currently being investigated, will possibly be prosecuted under the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act 2015 which is under the purview of NAPTIP.

A cursory look at the VAPP Act 2015, revealed that, Mr Morgans Alepa could face seven count charge bothering on rape, inflicting physical injury on a person, coercion, depriving a person of his or her liberty, forced financial dependence or economic abuse, forced isolation or separation from family and friends, and emotional, verbal and psychological abuse, among others.

It’s a commendable feat by the DG of NAPTIP, Dame Julie Okah-Donli, Esq, who swiftly supplied all the required resources to the NAPTIP RRS just to ensure that the case is handled to a logical conclusion. NAPTIP is, indeed, on the move now.

Thanks everyone ,i took up this matter because one reason for deaths, and domestic violence generally, is what Theresa May said about it being “normal”.

Sometimes when a woman, or a man, is in an abusive relationship, they’re used to it.And it’s only when it becomes so bad that people decide they can’t actually live like this.

But sometimes it’s gone far too far. It’s about educating from a young age about respecting people in relationships, and that if you do things like this there are going to be severe consequences.

Thanks you will hear from me soon,he will be arraigned for Rape too, the other sister in law is on her way to Lagos to write her statement.

I heard some people are accusing her of fraud,well that doesn’t mean she cant get justice, if anyone has a case against her the person should go to the police and file not trying to sabotage this case.


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