11 Interesting Facts You Should Know About New York Fashion Week

In less than 3 weeks, the New York Fashion week 2018 is going to start.

Once again, fashionistas from all over the world will converge in New York for a week-long program. This year’s edition will start February 8th and end February 16th.

New York fashion week is one of the most sorts after fashion program and one of the big 4 cities globally where fashion week held. The other cities are in Paris, London, and Milan.


So we combine through some data and statistics and we present you the most interesting facts about New York Fashion week that you should know.


New York Fashion Week Fun Facts:

  1. The first New York Fashion Week was held in 1943
  2. For the past 6 seasons, 77% of models on the New York Fashion Week are whites
  3. Social media king Cameron Dallas’ tweet about Tommy Hilfiger’s Venice Beach extravaganza and blogger Diafana Musa has the biggest tweet ever at any NFW
  4. On the average, a PR associate workday is 14hours a day while a model is 12hours.
  5. The best orchestra music at NYFW 2017 goes to Michael Kors.
  6. The New York Fashion Week generates an average of 540 million euros per fashion week.
  7. Total unique visitor to NYFW was 150,000.
  8. Over 200,000 gifts bags are distributed to guest at the runaway.
  9. An average model earns about $77,000 at the event.
  10. At the NYFW 2017, over 670,000 Instagram post was posted.
  11. In 2013, ticket to the New York Fashion Week was listed on Craigslist for as much as $1.6k.


Interested in attending the event? Then you can purchase the tickets at the following places:


2. On Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.com/d/ny–new-york/fashion-week/

Not sure if you can make New York Fashion Week. Here is a list of days for other Fashion Week in other cities of the world


Fashion Week Dates Around The World

Fashion week dates for 2018 are projected to hold as listed below:

1. London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018 (Projected): Date: February 16 – 20, 2018
2. Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018 (Projected): Date projected February 21 – 27, 2018
3. Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018: February 27 – March 6, 2018
4. Paris Fashion Week Men’s: June 20 – 24, 2018
5. Paris: Haute Couture: July 1 – 5, 2018


There you have it. Interesting facts about New York Fashion week that you need to know. Now over to you, what do you enjoy most about the event.

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