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Nigerian Army to Build Military Base on Former Islamist Stronghold (Sambisa Forest)

The Nigerian Army has reported today about the works for the construction of a military base in the Sambisa forest (northeast) and the establishment of conditions for the return of displaced people from the area.

We are determined to turn the Sambisa forest into a livable place, with a military training base, a spokesperson from the Army said. One of the first works is a road between the forest and the adjacent villages to facilitate trade and other activities.

The information was posted on a Twitter message accompanied by photos showing a soldier operating heavy equipment in the area, a stronghold of the Islamist armed group Boko Haram, loyal to the Islamic State since 2015 when it changed its name to Wilaya Gharb Ifriquiya (Province of West Africa, in Arabic).

The works seek to demonstrate the progress made in the theater of operations against Boko Haram and the graphic testimonies provide evidence of the progress of the DEEP PUNCH II operation that claimed yesterday the capture of weapons and equipment to the members of the Islamist group.

The central Nigerian authorities stated that Boko Haram is on its way to extinction, but the group continues its activities in the northeastern state of Borno, especially suicide bombings and kidnapping of officials.

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