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Nigeria’s IGP cannot read – Really embarrassing – Video

Nigerian IGP cannot read

IGP cannot read !!! Do you know that ? The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Kpotun Idris cannot read, is it not embarrassing ? How can someone of that stature and in such a very sensitive and important public office in Nigeria won’t be able to go through the line of a sentence easily. How does he read the reports sent to him. If he cannot read, how does he prepare and write his report ? This tells us the quality of those holding the forte for us now in Buhari government. If the head is mediocre, why can’t the body be too. And the consequent effect in the whole country will be failure because you have people in the helm of affairs who are put there because they are close to the man in charge not people who are competent to do the job.

This remind’s me of a function I went to in Australia during the recent commonwealth games where the Nigerian ambassador was present. This ambassador was to read out a speech written for him to the audience. However, you could see that he was struggling through almost all the lines. People could hardly hear or understand him. How could such a person represent us well in Australia.

When people say Buhari’s choice is made out of tribalistic and religious tendencies, this is the reason we criticise him.

In fact watch the video below and tell me what you think. Is it not a shame ?

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