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NNPC Programmes Two Cargoes Per Day For February To Address Fuel Scarcity

Fuel queues: NNPC programmes two cargoes per day

for February

– The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) says it is doing all it can to end the fuel scarcity been witnessed in the country

– The NNPC has programmed to bring in two cargoes of petrol per day for the rest of February 2018

– The fuel queues being experienced in some cities are expected to be a thing of the past soon with the NNPC moves

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has programmed to bring in two cargoes of petrol per day for the rest of February 2018 to boost supply.

The move is in a bid to keep the country wet with petrol and eradicate the fuel queues that have resurfaced in some cities.

We gathered that each of the two cargoes is 50 million liters making a total of 100 million liters that will be brought in per day for the rest of February to increase supply and replenish strategic reserves.

NNPC assured Nigerians that the fuel queues will disappear in no time.

Also, to enhance supply, 45 million liters of petrol was discharged from ships into jetties across the country on Tuesday, February 6.

Prior to the fresh 45 million litres discharge, there was 324 million litres of petrol on land and 432 million litres in marine storage making a total of 756 million litres, enough to last for 22 days at 35 million daily consumption rate.

The jetties that received the 45 million litres shipments include Nacj, Apapa; Bop, Apapa; Techo Jetty, Lagos; Dutchess, Oghara; Vine Jetty, Calabar; Chipet Jetty, Lagos; and ECM Jetty, Calabar.

To ensure efficient distribution of the product to depots in the hinterland, the Nigerian Pipeline and Storage Company (NPSC), a midstream subsidiary of the NNPC, has been mandated to fix relevant pipelines to facilitate seamless pumping, in addition to massive trucking arrangement that is in place.

The corporation assured Nigerians that with the measures in place, the fuel queues being experienced in some cities would soon be a thing of the past.

Similarly, as part of efforts to sanitize the fuel supply and distribution system to eliminate the queues, the NNPC has stepped up the arrest and prosecution of erring marketers and fuel hawkers across the country.

We gathered that the NNPC Special Task Force on Filling Stations Monitoring has made series of arrests including two filling station managers who diverted 66,000 liters of petrol and six illegal hawkers of petrol in Abuja.

The two managers of Azman filling stations in Nyanya and Kuje, two suburbs of Abuja, were arrested after close monitoring by the team for diverting trucks of petrol meant for their stations to unknown destinations.

They have since been handed over to the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps for prosecution.

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