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Police Officers Humiliate Tricycle Driver For Allegedly Refusing To Bribe Them (Video)

Some police officers have been caught on tape assaulting a tricycle driver after he allegedly refused to bribe them.

A group of Nigeria police officers yesterday attacked a Keke Napep driver who allegedly refused to ‘bribe them.

According to Lucky Osas Asenoguan, the incident happened yesterday, 28th of January 2018. In the video, the police officers could be seen confronting the tricycle driver trying to snatch his key. But, he asked them what his offence was before they began attacking him.

When other passengers in the tricycle tried to intervene, the police officers attacked them.

Writing on Facebook, Osas said: “It is a pity that our police men have reduced themselves to this…

I still wonder why the Nigerian police lay their anger on the poor citizens instead of the criminals they are supposed to pursue.

The Nigerian police are professional beggars. Beggars? Sorry, I mean thieves. They don’t beg, they feel they own your money. You have to give them something or they won’t let you go…. Their robbery is legal.

Nigerian police are worse than herdsmen. They will label or call you all sorts of names just to extort money from you, they will even threaten to kill or shoot you.”

It is believed the incident happened in Lagos.

Watch video below-

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