To Strengthen Diplomatic Ties Between China And Nigeria, Chinese Students Begin Moves To Bag Degrees In Hausa

Chinese Students Begin Moves To Bag Degrees In


– Some Chinese student are now embracing degrees in Hausa

– The students said they want to use the knowledge acquired from studying Hausa to strengthen relationship between Nigeria and China

– They also said they intend to help communication between the two countries

Some Chinese students have begun moves to take up degrees in Hausa.

These the students said will hopefully, strengthen the diplomatic ties between Nigeria and China, Leadership reports.

The students who were at the Peking University’s International Culture Festival in Beijing which took place late October 2017, said, strengthening the relationship between Nigeria and China has become imperative as both governments need to focus on more people to people exchanges as well as developing economic partnerships.

One of the students Wu Dongjing, also known as Hafsatu (her adopted Hausa name) said she wants to learn Hausa to help communication between Nigeria and China.

Wu said: “Because I know that there are several communications between China and Nigeria, and I know that many Chinese have no knowledge of Nigeria, I want to gain more knowledge in order to help with communication between both countries.”

She also said she hopes she visits Nigeria soon to learn more about its culture and way of life of the people.

“Actually, I have not been to Nigeria, but I know that in my level three (3) at university, we have the opportunity to go to Nigeria and I know that I will go to Nigeria and know more about this country,” she said.

Another student, Wu Lin, also known as Samira said she Hausa as a language has become interesting to her.

Samira said: “I think learning a different language and culture is very interesting to me, and these days Africa and China have a cooperative relationship.”

I want to help the two countries with communication and cooperation. I think it’s very important,” she added.

Meanwhile a lecturer at the Beijing Foreign Studies University said everything concerning the plans for students to engage in studying Hausa is under control.

Li Chunguang, known as ‘Bako’ teaches Hausa language and Hausa literature at the university.

It was earlier reported that the Abia state governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, had said some shoemakers from the southeast state would be sent for a training in China to develop their craft.

Ikpeazu said the state would purchase equipment for the establishment of Abia state shoe factory when the trainees arrive from China.

The governor said the shoe factory would be commissioned before the middle of this year.

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