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Top 10 Countries With Cheapest Fuel In The World (See Nigeria’s Position)

As much as Nigerians complain about the cost of fuel, Nigeria is in a very interesting position on this list.

Funny enough Nigerian filling stations sell fuel at one of the cheapest rates in the world.

Let’s count down.

10. Azerbaijan

$0.47 per litre – Approx ₦165

9. Turkmenistan

$0.43 per litre-Approx ₦151


$0.43 per litre-Approx ₦151

7. Nigeria

$0.41 per litre-Approx ₦144

6. Ecuador

$0.39 per litre-Approx ₦137

5. Algeria

$0.35 per litre-Approx ₦122

4. Kuwait

$0.35 per litre-Approx ₦122

3. Sudan

$0.34 per litre-Approx ₦119

2. Iran

$0.29 per litre-Approx ₦102

1. Venezuela

$0.01 per litre-Approx ₦4

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