“You Were Baba Go Slow, But Now You’re Baba Reverse” — Reno Omokri Blasts Buhari

Media Personality Reno Omokri who never seizes attacking Buhari, has reacted to a tweet that went viral.

The tweet read:-

“Sometimes people call me ‘Baba Go Slow.’ Those who were going fast –where did they go to?”

— President @MBuhari, at a meeting with Nigerians in the Diaspora yesterday, in New York.

Reno on seeing the tweet, fired PMB and accused him of dragging Nigeria into an extreme poverty..

He wrote:-

President @MBuhari is wrong. He is not Baba Go Slow anymore. Yes, he was Baba Go Slow at the beginning. Then he became Baba Full Stop. Now he is Baba Reverse who turned the world’s 3rd fastest growing economy to the world headquarters for extreme poverty!

He equally added:-

President @Mbuhari is just a coward. He is attacking Nigerians for calling him Baba Go Slow, but when @RealDonaldTrump rightly called him ‘lifeless’, he could not hit back. He and his 9 media aides kept quiet. Why was Buhari not mouthy to Trump as he is to Nigerians? #RenosDarts

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