Zoro’s song “Oyoko” trending now. It is a top hit song. Check it out

Zoro  Oyoko Ft. Chidinma [Official Audio]

Zoro - Oyoko (Feat. Chidinma) [Official Audio]

Wow !!! have you taken time to listen to this beautiful song ? I have listened to it more than 5 times. And as i am writing this, the song is playing on auto – repeat.

Zoro is a great singer and rapper. He is improving and getter better all the time right from the first song “Ogene” that brought him to limelight to this song. When an artist can sing and rap, he or she surely will go far.  And when an artist too adds song writing to it, that artist will surely last for many many years in the scene. Zoro is also a song writer, a singer and rapper. He is a genius.

Now his new song Oyoko featuring Chidinma, one of Nigeria’s best female voice in the music industry, is a classic. It is produced by Kezyklef. The guitarist in the song is FIOKEE. And, it is mixed by Selebobo.

The song sounds like it is from the other world. The song is powerful. In fact, if you are from the eastern part of Nigeria, then you will be transported from this world to heaven and back while listening to the song. This is how the song is and feels. It is what the song does to people. Again wow !!!! What a master piece.

The lyrics of the song make sense. It is about going to marry a beautiful lady. Oyoko is a slang in Igbo language to describe a beautiful lady. The way the lyrics are crafted make it very enticing to ladies and very appropriate especially on weddings.

The beat is a blast. By blast I mean, there is none so far that can compete with it in Nigeria. The sound is on a different realm and level. It is unique because you can hear the mixture of Nigerian traditional musical instruments with the western instruments. The blend of the big and small ogene, bongo, ekwe musical instruments and other musical instruments speak of one with great creative skills. The way the musical instruments come in and go out with perfect timing is extraordinary.

The voices are angelic. The rap blow’s your mind away. Zoro has that beautiful rhythmic flow while he raps. The flow of his rap comes together perfectly. Chidimma complement’s him absolutely well in the song. The voices you can tell match the song. They sound and feel natural to the music. They sound like they are created for the song. There are some songs you hear, they appear as if the voices are foreign to the song. You could distinguish the voices from the song. One of the hallmark of a good song is that the song and the voice match perfectly well together. There should be a good marriage between the song and the voice. Zoro’s Oyoko song has this good trait.

We are seriously waiting for the music video to come out soon. I pray and hope he produces a very good visual that matches the song.

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