Lessons People Learn Too Late In Life | Here Are 15 Lessons People Learn Too Late In Life

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Hello, Aeroberrites for today’s educative post we have something really special planned. For one week, we’ve been thinking what other knowledge could have an incredibly positive impact on our own lives? And if we did answer that question, we would be open to sharing it with you guys. That how we came up with this idea, now hopefully we all have plenty of years ahead of us, so why not learn from those who have walked the road before us? The ones who faced life and are still alive to tell the stories, how amazing would it be to leverage their knowledge at this point in your life. If you know what they regret the most, the lessons it took decades to learn maybe just maybe you can play it smart and make better choices as of today. As it is with all our educative posts we recommend you grab a sheet of paper and double check yourself if you agree or disagree with the items we will be mentioning on this list.
Keep in mind that these lessons are aggregated from people who achieved success and live the lifestyles most of you are hustling so hard to live.

15 Lessons People Learn Too Late In Life

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Today we are looking at the 15 lessons most people usually learn too late in life.

Lessons people learn too late in life > Number one. Everything is temporary;

We even said it in our intro, we think we still have plenty of years ahead of us depending on your age. You’re not even thinking that far ahead, but even you yourself are temporary, coping with the idea that everything you do, every person you meet, everything you build is temporary can be a reality-shattering experience. The family dog is temporary, your relationships are temporary, the items you buy are temporary, nothing really lasts, it’s one of those things you can only fully grasp when you’ve already seen it happen in your past. We all want to live forever, we all want to be eternal, but everything you do at some point will be gone and people will have forgotten it. So might as well go for it right? At some point whatever the result it’ll be gone and forgotten.

Lessons people learn too late in life > Number 2. Life isn’t fair;

Yeah, if you were expecting something else, sorry to disappoint you with the truth. The promotion will probably go to someone who’s been smooth talking the boss, despite the fact that you’re more qualified and work harder. That girl you like might like a douche bag more, despite you thinking that you’d be the perfect fit for her. Your experiencing life through your own eyes, so you’re going to be biased no matter what, we do not live in a perfect world and even if you did it wouldn’t care much for you as an individual. There’s like 8,000,000,000 of us the world doesn’t owe you anything, just because you think you deserve something doesn’t mean you’re going to get it.

Lessons people learn too late in life > Number 3. Family matters more than friends;

Remember the first item on this list? You can’t choose your family, but nobody will be willing to go further for you than they are. Friends are amazing, have as many real friends as you can get, but family is something special, something most people seem to neglect these days. Well, friends will be alongside you in the trenches, none of them would really risk themselves for you. Family is the only one who’d be really willing to put you above them, don’t take them for granted, talk to your parents while you still have them, talk to your siblings and do not let that relationship cool down. And of course, spend time with your kids because they need you more than they need anything else.

Lessons people learn too late in life > Number 4. Others treat you the way you treat yourself not them;

It’s weird when you realize that someone else’s attitude towards you, depends on yourself and not the other person. The way you present yourself, what you think of yourself, who you are as an individual, these are all in your control. You can choose to grow, to learn, to improve. You as an individual are the sum of your experiences and beliefs. Once you fully accept the difference set, the entire perception of the world around you will change. Think of this small experiment, if you were to move to a new city where nobody ever knew you, wore different clothes, listen to different music, started speaking differently, and changed your interests, the people you’ll meet there will accept your new version because this is the reality they encountered first. Have more respect for yourself, even demand it. Stand up for what you believe in and don’t let others walk all over you. It’s these small things that will haunt you when you’re older.

Lessons people learn too late in life > Number 5. The sacrifices you make today will pay dividends in the future;

Many of those who were in the last quarter of their lives, look back at the poor choices they’ve made, especially the time they wasted. It’s always easier to see where you could have done better when you look back to the past. Many of them agree that with just a bit more strategy in play they could have been a way better position than they find themselves in right now, they all regret not reading more early on, and none of them remember any time wasted watching TV, if they were smarter with their time they wouldn’t have sacrificed as much as they had. If you’d like to know what the sacrifices people make are, in order to get rich you can click here now to read this post it is really interesting. We made an entire post, breaking down what it takes and the impact it has on your life.

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Lessons people learn too late in life > Number 6. Sacrificing your health for success or wealth isn’t worth it;

It’s weird seeing this one after the previous point, but it’s definitely true. We have a tendency to always want more, and very few people know when to stop. Money is the most important thing in the world when you don’t have it, once you get it it doesn’t matter that much anymore. Nobody wants to sacrifice their own health in pursuit of money or success, but very few are willing to make the adjustments necessary in order to protect themselves over the potential game. With old age, you’ll look back and think of yourself as a fool for not paying more attention to the one thing which could give you more time with those you love.

Lessons people learn too late in life > Number 7. Fear of embarrassment or criticism stopped you from being who you really are;

You get one shot at this life, so you might as well go for it. The main reason most people fail at anything in life is because they don’t give it a go. We all find excuses to try to shield our perceived image from what other people think of us, but in the end, “they don’t matter”, it’s a choice you have to make for yourself. Who do you want to be? Will you be yourself or will you be someone who other people are expecting you to be?

Lessons people learn too late in life > Number 8. Things don’t matter that much;

When you’re young, you want things because you see other people having things, and you think your life would be better if you had them as well. Things are just things, they don’t make you who you are. Possessions are raw materials moved from one place to another. Do you think 10 years from now, you’ll care that “at the moment you have the latest iPhone”? We want things because we are being sold on wanting them. Look around you right now, no really take your eyes off this post and look around, how many things do you have around you which you don’t really need? You need tools, not things and nobody needs more than a couple of essential tools to get the job done.

Lessons people learn too late in life > Number 9. Even the longest night was followed by a morning;

Some things will take longer than 12 hours to pass, maybe a couple of months or even years but one thing is for certain, no matter how hard it is right now, how dark everything seems, there will come a day when you’ll feel better. Even bad times are temporary, this particular mindset will help you push through some of the most difficult bits life will throw at you, don’t take this advice lightly.

Lessons people learn too late in life > Number 10. Happiness is a choice and it requires a lot of hard work;

Happiness isn’t something that depends on other people or getting their approval. Happiness is something you experience yourself because your reality is in tune with your expectations. The good news is you can choose to be happy, the bad news is you need to put some real effort into it, because just as anything worth pursuing, it won’t happen by itself, at least not to the degree you’re looking for. We know some of you are struggling with this and might not think of yourselves as happy.

Lessons people learn too late in life > Number 11. This moment right now, this is you being alive, this is your moment and it’s passing by the second;

Every now is immediately absorbed by the past, how poetic is that? When we think of life, we usually look at the entire thing, but rarely realize that it’s moments like this one right now where you’re reading this post that makes up all the pieces of it. Most people learn of the importance of the moment too late in life and missed a great deal of opportunities to seize it.

Lessons people learn too late in life > Number 12. Everyone is really out for themselves;

Everyone is the hero in their own movie, and everyone wants to ride into the sunset with the girl of their dreams. We all experience life in first person point of view and since you were born, you were the most important thing you have ever experienced. You need to protect yourself and prosper. Guess what? That’s what everybody thinks. It might be hard to accept, but the same way you think of yourself as special, someone else thinks the same thing about themselves. We can’t all be the lead in the same movie, so people will try to get that sunset for themselves. As long as you live, remember this, because it will help you see other people for what they really are, human just like you!

Lessons people learn too late in life > Number 13. Beneath anger is always fear;

As the wise Yoda says, fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. Whenever we suffer, especially for long periods of time, at first we believe it’s because of something outside of us, something we hate and if we make it past that emotion, we find below that hate is a rumble of anger and certainly something we’ve held onto for far too long. But beneath all of that, is always fear, a fear of loss, a fear of vulnerability, a fear of letting go. But if you can get to the point of acknowledging that fear, you’ll see it’s light-hearted shadow compassion, and then you’ll be able to move forward.

Lessons people learn too late in life > Number 14. The world is bigger than you’ve gotten to experience;

Almost everyone wishes they could have seen more of the world, experienced more and have it reveal more of its secrets. Our planet is amazing; filled with different people, different cultures, cuisines, architecture, beliefs, and visions for the future. If the whole world was a book, it really would be a shame to only read a couple of its pages.

Lessons people learn too late in life > Number 15. A lifetime isn’t very long;

It’s something you don’t really think about much when you’re young because it seems long. Life is abundant because we compare the amount of life we’ve lived to the amount of life we think we have left. Let’s do a little thought experiment, shall we? When you’re in your twenties, you expect to have at least 3 times as much life as you’ve had so far, but there is a trap to that. Let’s say the average person dies at 80 years old. Right off the bat, most people sleep 7 or 8 hours a night, cutting down a third of that, you’re left with 53 years. That’s not bad, is it? if the average man works 40 hours a week from 25 to 65, that’s another 10 years gone. What you’re left with 43, which is still not that bad is it? but wait, as of 2016 the average American is taking in over 10 hours of screen time per day, this combines with social media, with meaningless entertainments, like TV shows, or sports, alongside news related content. The TV show part is 4.5 hours per day and rising, with companies like Netflix fighting more for your eyeballs. This means the average American spends 7 to 8 years of their life just watching TV, if you start counting everything that is consuming your time every day, like eating, cleaning, getting dressed, driving, and all the small tasks, you’ll be shocked to find out that the average person in a developed country has less than 30 years to live. While if you live in a poor country, you can easily cut that in half to less than 15 years. Now, if this doesn’t put your life into perspective, we don’t know what will. Now in order to help our community, we’re curious to know Aeroberrites, what is one lesson you wished you’d learned sooner? let us know in the comments, we know that lot of people will spit out things in the comment section, we will be sure to enjoy reading your comments and as always you guys know the drill here’s your bonus fact.

Bonus Fact > Number 16. You played it too safe;

No matter how fast life is going for you, no matter how big your current worries are. When you’re at the end of your life, you’ll be looking at these days wondering, why didn’t you take even bigger risks? why didn’t you live more? why didn’t you try to go big instead of settling for what was safe? This moment right now is the beginning of a new journey, one that will make the old version of yourself proud when they look back in time. It’s time to go big Aeroberrites, be bold, live, be the best possible version of yourself, put on a show for an audience of one-yourself. If this post motivated you in the slightest, please write go big in the comments so we know who the true Aeroberrites are, reading our posts until the very end.

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21 Comments on Lessons People Learn Too Late In Life | Here Are 15 Lessons People Learn Too Late In Life

  1. Go Big!!!
    Aeroberry never disappoint.❤
    Ever since I lost my mom & dad, family almost ruined my life because I was young & scared of challenges, scared of not doing want I want 4 myself. But today I’m no longer d scared boy family can’t control my life,I thank god I didn’t allow my bad experience In life to change me 4 better. I’m more close to my brother & sis only, I pray God give me d grace & knowledge to be successful in life🙏
    Better Days Ahead😁

  2. If you’re younger, save money. Invest carefully. Never stop learning. Avoid alcohol and drugs. I’ve made the mistakes.
    go big

    of course im a true Aeroberrite now I rely on their VIP soccer prediction to save my life.
    Everything is temporary but expect the knowledge that makes soul feel entarnel Aeroberry.com😜.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING ☀️🔥 I wish many can share this truth, I learnt my lessons the hard way. I will share this for you now Aeroberry to save many other.

  3. Go big!! I love these posts and share them with my daughters. Lots of priceless information.
    Am 25 and what I regret is not learning how to say No to people till at 23 years.
    Again Sacrificing your health is not worth it in life. I don’t think it will pay any dividends.
    When Aeroberry said that your reality is intuned with your expectations, it was as if it all clicked, wow. Whatever your expectations are, your reality will match it!

  4. Go big!
    Aeroberry.com, you’re the Best sport prediction website ever.
    Fear is the willing relinquishment of all logic.
    Knowing this changed my mind for the better
    GO BIG!!! I am 48, and suffering depression. This year I took up archery and really love it. A lofty goal I would set for myself would be to become good enough to possibly compete at Olympic level. Wish me luck

  5. Thanks for the post, go Big! Everything is temporary! Yes am doing Big . I love to be an aeroberrite 👌
    I’m 19 and my biggest regret for the past 5 years has been not spending enough time with my mom. It’s not that I didn’t know what I had until she was gone, it’s that I didn’t think I would lose her until it was far too late. So, spend time with your family, ask them millions of questions and appreciate them and tell them that because you may never have the chance to ever again.

  6. Go big..thanx for the inspiration.needed to hear that.You spoke to me in a deep level today. Thank you.

    I’m only 26, but I’ve already learned some harsh life lessons:
    1. Hard work does NOT equal success. This is a cruel reality most people don’t want to admit because most people like to feel like they have control over their destiny. Knowledge, intelligence, natural talent, and dumb luck are way more useful than hard work. Effort is important, but it’s useless without the other traits I mentioned.
    2. Never take advice from anyone. What works for some people may not work for you. Learn from your own mistakes, not other’s.
    3. The person you are today may not be the person you will be in a few years. My passions have changed more times than I can count. The things that bothered me in the past I can now care less about.
    4. Never make assumptions about other people, and never judge a book by it’s cover. More often than not, things are not what they appear to be. This is the most important lesson I have learned.

  7. #13 Beneath anger is always fear.
    Thank you so much for sharing information.
    4. Others treat you the way you treat yourself. 💥WOW💥
    My definition for Happiness: Being satisfied and content about yourself.
    Watching sports is not waste of my time. Is the most enjoyable time i have in this life. Getting (being) married that is the biggest time lost ever.

  8. #1 Existential crisis, life is temporary (been there, done that, life was surviving in the wilderness, but now it’s maximizing happiness)

    #2 Life isn’t fair
    (Yeah, but with properly invested time and skills it bends to your will
    No one is born a master of their craft, you gotta fail to learn to win)

    #3 Family matters more than friends
    (I was stuck in a abusive house till a friend convinced me to leave, not always true)

    #4 Others treat you the way you treat yourself, not them

    #5 Sacrifices pay off in the future
    (Yeah, and it still feels like shit now)

    #6 Sacrificing health for wealth isn’t worth it

    #7 Fear of emberisment or critism stopped you from being who you really are
    (Personally, my lifes been more fun being blunt, harder, but more fun)

    #8 Things don’t matter
    (As a poor engineering student i’ve known this for years, it’s ultimatly just a tool)

    #9 Even the longest night is followed by a morning

    #10 Hapiness is a choice,and requires work
    (post in the description)

    #11 This moment right now, this is you being alive, this is your moment
    (Glad I learned that one)

    #12 Everyone is really out for themselves

    #13 Beneath anger is always fear

    #14 The world is bigger than you’ve expirienced

    #15 Life isn’t that long

    #16 You played it too safe

    Go big

  9. I’m a grandmother, and the biggest regret I have is all the times I didn’t follow my instincts, and ignored them. A mistake 100% of the time. Also, I have learned that you do not need anyone’s approval, and it doesn’t matter at all what other people think of you.
    “We all want to live forever. We all want to be eternal”.
    Speak for yourself boi
    love this motivational post!❤
    I have subscribed to you Facebook page and whats app from Indonesia –

    I wish I would’ve learned the value of education earlier in life. My parents nevet encouraged me to care about school, so here i am at 44 getting my BA. Learn to enjoy learning.

  11. I definitely regret wasting my 20’s fearing people’s criticism
    Go big
    16. Education in school and college isn’t important
    I’m going big! One thing I wish I had learned earlier on was the power of compound interest.
    Great content !
    However, if the learning process continues until we die, then no lesson is learned too late, true ?

  12. Dithering over decisions takes too much life time out of you. I’ll do it tomorrow, is like tomorrow never comes. So you don’t do it. Before you know it you are too old and things have passed you by and you are left with regret which is a frustrating feeling, because you can’t change the past. So do it today, or you’ll never do it.

    Dont get married don’t have kids don’t settle for less MGTOW is the best way to go

  13. Staying persistent with my sobriety, back on the right track NOW.💪💪💪 Going STRONGER!!
    Im only 23. But, a lesson I wish I knew sooner was to just do it. To be completely honest, I picked up on a lot of opportunities growing up. I started YiuTube-ing in 2010. I read about Bitcoin in 2011. I learned to code in 2011 when I was still in high school.

    But I let other people talk me out of just doing it.

    “YouTube is not gonna make you money.”
    “Investing in Facebook (then trading at $27/share) is too risky. Just focus on your grades.”
    “You need a computer science degree to build that web app or website.”
    “Bitcoin is a scam (then trading at $21/coin).”

    Looking back at these missed opportunities, a lesson I wish I knew back then is to stop seeking approval and just do it. Today, I dropped out of college because it wasn’t really what I wanted to do and I hated the authoritative culture. I am now just starting to really wake up and do what I really want to do. It feels good to finally be who I want to be. But, had I just did it sooner and not let others talk me out of it, I’d be much further ahead.

    I mean, I have one friend who started when he was 15 now making 30K a month in passive income. He’s much younger than me. The difference is he didn’t let others tell him what he can and can’t do. He just did it.

  14. It’s not necessarry to assign a value to the moment you’re currently experiencing.
    The 2 most important lessons i can think of are No 1. You only have yourself and can only count on yourself. You Will always have you.

    No2. Keep going no matter what.
    That family part don’t apply to everyone. My family is utter trash and all they do it beg and talk about each other.
    We have a small story here in kosova , that we use for young generations
    “There were some young children and an old man , the old man asked the children do you know how many roads are in the world , and they said no , so they start searching and later on they met with the old man , and they said different numbers , but non of them was right said the old man , there are 6.5 billion roads , every human being has his own road ( way ).

  15. I wish if I would haven’t lied to the people around me about myself- as if they see me however they want, so I’m being the person that they can accept. I’m 29 not and I feel I have done nothing in the last 10 years, but recently just started to invest in myself.
    Thanks for this facts they were so helpful

  16. At 50, the one thing I learned a little late was that there are some people in lives that don’t need to be there. Association is a part of our success, good or bad, and we need to be aware of who we allow to be a part of it. Toxic relationships breed poor negative attitudes, while healthy relationships breed excellent positive attitudes. Some friends aren’t worth keeping around if they’re going to drag you down.

  17. My Best advice for all
    1_Know your passion.
    2_Be clear about your life purpose.
    3_Make goals & action plans to achieve them.
    4_Be kind with everyone and remember these 3 (Love, Laugh, Live in the moment)
    5_Build your body, respect yourself, develop some boundaries, build your wealth early and be careful who you choose as your life partner.
    Thank you…

  18. I agree too! I remember joung and dump.. in the Netherlands we say ( iedere wijze uil is wel eens een uilskuiken geweest.) Greetz and tanks for advice toppic Aeroberry.com!

  19. I know all too well how Rock sold advice these are. Unfortunately for me, there all of my regrets every one of them.

  20. Don’t hurry to start your sexual life! Study and get good grades while you have the time for it. Don’t get drunk. Don’t do drugs. Exercise. Choose your friends wisely. Never spend more than you make. Be nice to yourself.

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