Tell Us Why Do You Think Some School Drop Outs Are More Successful Than Some Graduates

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It is a fact that the richest people on earth that are recognized by Forbes and other bodies currently are not graduates from the University, even Africa’s Current richest man Aliko Dangote did not complete his university education.

We thought about this and will like to know your opinion on this.

Tell us using the comment below, why people who did not finish their university career tend to do more in real life than those with a completed university degree. For us, we think the reason behind this is that those who did not complete their education tend to realize that they have no certificate and from their early life instead of looking for a job they tend to become bosses themselves by doing things that will fetch them money and with them they tend to perfect this skill. And just as it is with life, the more time you invest in a thing the more reward you will get from it. With time life rewards them and they perfect the act of becoming good entrepreneurs, remember the saying ” Practise makes perfect” and also “practice is the best teacher”.

We would love to hear from you, what do you think makes school drop out to be more successful than educated individuals?


  1. Fagbohun Abiodun December 3
    This is true….Most school graduates do see education as a meal ticket to success which is not true, jobs opened for graduates are few and competitive and most graduates are underpaid….
    To be successful, you don’t need to look at your degree certificate maybe first-class or anything…. just hustle and one day God will surely bless your hustle

  2. Neyo  I don’t agree it depend on the student

  3. Anonymous   school is a scam in Nigeria, maybe if u travel out n get ur certificate look for a job there but here in Nija na wahala is just a me..

  4. Sameazy   

  5. Sylvester Okpe   

  6. koller   Oh well, the above image speaks a lot but what matters the most is how an individual translates it. Cos 6 is written in a plain sheet of paper doesn’t mean it has to be pronounced and seen as SIX. Tilt the paper upside down, you v got NINE! I wouldn’t want us to quote the journalist that posted it outta context but instead, see as an avenue of indulging yourself in a business at least. Been an ENTREPRENEUR is quite better than run up and down with your certificate(s) looking for a job. Nigeria is getting better every second likewise, the cost of living has hiked so much alongside. Always ask yourself, can I acquire few properties with my certificate(s) working in an office(s) or organization(s)? If yes, go for it! If No, don’t get intimidated by hustling until you get yourself involved in criminal acts. Embrace ENTREPRENEURSHIP or meditate to discover that very TALENT in you provided its legit.

    It’s not written you’ll find all that you seek but you will never find what you do not seek!

  7. flenjo 

  8. okpella cement   

  9. Tijani Ridwan   School is not scam sir!
    it’s the mode of operation that scam us every day in Naija.
    Are we preparing ourselves for the change by 2030, 2050?
    Let’s embrace and learn for the future.

    To learn for the future which I guess we were not taught in schools, they only preach what has been in the 19(s).
    Relevant Education is the KEY

  10. Sirwalex   

  11. ola    

  12. Miracle   

  13. emini sboii    

  14. emini sboii    To my best of knowledge

    Why did you go to school at first when you know you will still put it aside and still hustle

    Why waste years in school that you will end up dumping the certificate aside.

    I have seen so many first-class graduates that are very successful far better that third class

    The hustle and the school are both important

    I have heard so many say SCHOOL NA SCAM

    I have so many people say no legit hustle

    The situation we are in this country dose not provide future for any citizen

    In Naija my country—- you have to know somebody or know somebody that knows somebody—- to be successful

    Study hard, while you are in school, start planning for a hustle

    After all, the motive for both is to be successful in life

  15. Lovers   

  16. TAbdulahi A    

  17. Oyewole temitayo   

  18. Timi   


  20. Fawole opeyemi   

  21. Okebule Olumide   

  22. Otunuga Niyi   

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