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How To Become Rich | 15 Sacrifices You Need To Make If You Want To Become Rich

If you want to know how to become rich then you should read this article on “How To Become Rich” and see these important sacrifices one has to endure in becoming rich. Welcome to the place where future billionaires, sports investors, and optimistic people come to get inspired.

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How To Become Rich

How To Become Rich – 15 Sacrifices You Need To Make If You Want To Become Rich.

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We carried out research from a reliable source on How To Become Rich. If you want to become rich you need to make these important 15 sacrifices. There is a bonus for you at the end of the post, so be sure to read this article to the end. Strap in, grab your popcorn and a glass of juice because we’re going to break apart more than a few of the political ideologies that people have been spreading around for decades.

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The truth is that in order to get rich or super successful, there are plenty of sacrifices to be made. Success or riches always come at a cost, and if you are on the journey of getting them for yourself, it is best to be aware of this and plan accordingly. Getting rich is not for everyone, you are free to live a mediocre life if that is what you want, we are not going to pretend that life is built with rainbows and sunshine because it isn’t. Hopefully, after reading this post when you look at someone who is incredibly successful or rich, you will give it a second thought and think of the sacrifices he or she made to get to where they are today. If you are one of those easily offended types, well this is a time to close this post and go read something else on our website. Do you know what we heard? We heard that Aeroberry’s betting tips are great for your soccer predictions maybe you can go check it out here ==>> Soccer Predictions  For today and best professional tips for the day.

Now the following list is based on the average realities of multiple multi-millionaires and billionaires from multiple countries and cultures Aggregated into a single list that makes it easy for you Aeroberrites to go through and get yourself ready for the future.

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We are not saying that in order to get rich you have to make all of these sacrifices, what we are saying is that there isn’t a single individual who made it big without making at least some of these sacrifices to get to where they are today. With that said here are 15 things people sacrifice in order to get rich;

Sacrifice Number 1. On How To Become Rich> Family: 

We wanted to start with family because this is the last thing people don’t want to hear that they want to sacrifice. Many successful individuals postpone starting a family for a later date, they start one only after they must have accumulated success. This is probably one of the most important sacrifices one makes in order to be rich.

The road to financial success demands so much focus and effort put into it, that it will be almost impossible to achieve the same level of greatness if you have been side-tracked by personal feelings; that is just the truth. Successful people don’t get married early on, almost never in their 20’s and for sure they don’t have children as soon as the rest. We have touched upon this in the past, about how having a kid early on is pretty much a financial suicide, trapping you into the rat race. In order for you to acquire wealth, the process needs your undivided attention. The moment one has a child, that child immediately becomes the focus point and everything else falls behind as It should be.

A third aspect that gets sacrificed is the relationship with your family. Parents and siblings require time, effort and sometimes financial resources as well, all of which you are not in a position to spare in the beginning stages of your journey. If you’re serious about getting rich it sucks to say that you won’t be available for your relatives but you’re not going to focus on building a family for yourself at this stage of your life and that you’ll postpone having a child, but this is one of the harshest realities of which most rich and successful individual sacrifice in order to get there. If you want to know how to become rich and move your way high up the success ladder then you need to consider postponing a family.

Sacrifice Number 2. On How To Become Rich> Health:

We’ve always mentioned health as one of the most important ingredients to a successful life, but this post focuses on getting rich. The paradox is that most people sacrifice health in order to get money and then sacrifice the money in order to regain their health. We’d all like to believe in the iconic image of the entrepreneur working 16 hours per day hitting the gym for 2 more hours, eating unwell and meditating for at least one hour in the morning. But the truth is the road to riches will take a toll on your health. The most common feeling is that of tiredness because most individuals have difficulty falling asleep the goal keeps you up at night, there are worries to consider and everything depends on your ability to manage them. Entrepreneurs live with a tremendous amount of stress in their lives, they usually neglect their health in the pursuit of success. If you want to know how to become rich and move your way high up the success ladder then you need to look at your health.

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Sacrifice Number 3. On How To Become Rich> Friends:

There is very little room for a social life when you really want to be rich, one of the first things you should sacrifice if you want to make it is the people around you who are not pushing you further. Cutting down on the toxic individuals is a must, then followed by those who are not actively making you better. It’s fairly common for successful people to dramatically reduce their inner circle with a focus on the quality of the individuals. The average future millionaire has 1.8 close friends and they themselves are also focused on getting rich, that way they can push each other further along the way. You need people who can relate to your struggles and that can understand why you’re putting in that level of effort. Nobody else will understand with the exception of individuals who they themselves are doing the same thing, if you really want to make it, your inner circle should decrease in size but increase in value. If you want to know how to become rich and move your way high up the success ladder then you need to look at your friends.

Sacrifice Number 4. On How To Become Rich> Hobbies:

Ain’t nobody got time for that. Hobbies by their nature produce very little value to both yourself and your immediate environment not only that, in order to maintain a hobby it demands time attention and most of the time financial resources as well. If you want to be rich and you’re not where you want to be in life you can’t afford to have a hobby, “that’s the truth”. You can go golfing, paint landscapes or whatever you find worthy of calling your hobby after you’ve taken care of the basics. Why do you have a hobby when you can’t take care of yourself, hobbies should be the last thing on your mind. You need to take the point we discussed on “hobbies” seriously if you want to know how to become rich and move your way high up the success ladder.

Sacrifice Number 5. On How To Become Rich> Time: 

The road from 0 to financial success will take an average of 7 to 10 years, depending on the industry, your emotional intelligence, your intellect, your ability to play the market and the volume of work you’re able to put out in order to make it happen. Guess what? The days you spend at your computer or negotiating with clients are probably not going to be the best years of your life, but it’s a sacrifice one needs to make if they’re serious about getting rich because it’s that time that yields the results you’re looking for. 7 years might sound like a lot of time and it doesn’t mean that those years will lack any positive memories, time will pass either way so make sure to invest it wisely. Ask yourself the following questions are you willing to eat shit for several years in order to eat caviar for the rest of your life? If the answer is “yes” You’re on the right track. You need to take the point we discussed about your time seriously if you want to know how to become rich and move your way high up the success ladder.

Sacrifice Number 6. On How To Become Rich> Happiness:

Happiness is the big one, because as you know “money can’t buy you happiness” at the end, but in order to get the money you will need to sacrifice your happiness to a certain degree, even if you love what you do. Nobody is happy working 14 to 16 hours daily every single day. That’s not how evolution made us, so there needs to be a balance to the amount of happiness you’re willing to sacrifice in exchange for material gain. If you sacrifice too much you might not be able to cope with your new reality.

Now, this post is not a to-do list, it’s just the Frank observation of reality and you should treat it as such. Sacrificing your happiness at this stage will result in you being able to enjoy a different type of happiness in the future, like being able to spend quality time with your child when the time is right because you won’t have to worry about paying the freaking bills. That’s a trade that you should be willing to make. You need to take the point we discussed on your happiness seriously if you want to know how to become rich and move your way high up the success ladder.

Sacrifice Number 7. On How To Become Rich> Sleep:

 You can’t sleep, broke people sleep. You gotta be willing to sacrifice sleep if you sleep you may miss the opportunity to be successful “that’s an interesting quote isn’t it”?  There is a quote with the text “sleep is for billionaires”. In the recent years, people are split on this topic, you’ve got people like Elon musk who have slept the absolute minimum amount required to get him to function and then there are people like Arianna Huffington. Arianna Huffington, she’s the founder of Huffington post for those of you who don’t know who she is, she said sleeping more results in higher productivity and nobody should cut down on sleep. If you draw the line and look at this objectively sleeping less is an amazing advantage if you make quality use of the time while you’re awake, there’s no point in sleeping 5 hours a night if you’re only going to be working 8 hours during the day. Sleep is the first thing everyone should sacrifice when they begin their journey, 6 hours of sleep per night is really manageable and you can fit a lot more work during the day, start with sleep. You need to take the point we discussed about you sleeping seriously if you want to know how to become rich and move your way high up the success ladder.

Sacrifice Number 8. On How To Become Rich> Who You Are:

If you want to be rich, if you want to be successful, you need to sacrifice who you are in order to become who you want to be. It’s smart to think of yourself in terms of a work in progress similar to a software. This is your current version, but don’t be afraid to make updates, fix bugs and reiterate what makes you -> you.  Your current reality didn’t make you rich, the current version of yourself wasn’t able to solve the puzzles needed to further your achievements from a financial standpoint, so you need to do something about it. Evaluate who you really are, What are the things that set you back? What are the things that the current version of yourself fail to do? Then seek ways to transform yourself in that department, an easy aspect to point out is “discipline”. If you lack discipline you’re probably never going to be successful. Poor people always lack discipline, this is because success in any form comes from repetitive actions that add up over time, unless you can discipline yourself you won’t stand a chance. we’re writing posts every single day in order to maintain our momentum, this is not by accident. have you heard the saying “DISCIPLINE IS THE MOTHER OF SUCCESS” or “Discipline is one of the 15 traits that predict success in life. You need to take the point we discussed on “Who You Are” seriously if you want to know how to become rich and move your way high up the success ladder.

Sacrifice Number 9. On How To Become Rich> Entertainment:

After sleep this is the second thing people who want to get rich should sacrifice, there’s no need for you to sit down and watch 10 seasons of friends, there’s no value there. Poor people always justify wasting time in one form or another. if you’re just starting out as we know most of you are, immediately cut out the low and medium levels of entertainment in your life. If you can’t cut everything out, “dose it” and enjoy only the best types of entertainment, so that it works as a reward. Unless you’re a professional E. sports player there’s no need for you to be spending your time playing video games, there’s no need for you to watch sports or TV for that matter, unless you’re the one on TV, there’s no need for you to be on social media, unless you’re running a media business. This is not a post on how to be happy in life, this is a post on “what it takes to get rich”. You will need all your creative power and working hours to be put in and compounded to achieving your goal, you can’t have facet because you’re going to fail. You need to take the point we discussed on “Entertainment” seriously if you want to know how to become rich and move your way high up the success ladder.

Sacrifice Number 10. On How To Become Rich> Stability:

Getting rich is a roller coaster, it will take a lot of ups and downs until you reach the destination. Stability gets sacrificed, you don’t know what tomorrow holds and you don’t have the luxury of being at ease. You need to move yourself, to position yourself, to meet new people, to negotiate your own reality and provide for yourself since nobody is going to go get it for you. If you believe your environment is keeping you from being successful sacrifice it, move somewhere else. You are in control of this ride, if it doesn’t work out you’re the only one who is to blame. Although the journey is a roller coaster, the ride is worth it, so get busy. You need to take the point we discussed about “stability” seriously if you want to know how to become rich and move your way high up the success ladder.

Sacrifice Number 11. On How To Become Rich> Income:

You might not like to hear this, but until you make it big you need to sacrifice your share of the income. You put it right back into the business, or project until you make it. There’s no other way you’re not going to be a baller, while you’re still pushing towards it. Every single dollar needs to be carefully planned where it would have the most impact to go toward. And usually yourself? It is pretty far down the list unless you’re going to use the money to develop your own set of skills. This is the reality whenever you see people flaunting their purchases without them being where they want to be in life, we just feel bad for them as they are actively sabotaging themselves. Income is great, you need to take the point we discussed about “income” seriously if you want to know how to become rich and move your way high up the success ladder.

Sacrifice Number 12. On How To Become Rich> comfort:

You’ve always asked us to tell the truth in our post, and we always have. The luxury lifestyle, the big house, the luxury cars, the private jet, traveling all around the world in first class, that’s the end result of years of living away below your means, unless you’re born rich you’ll have to struggle to get there and sacrifices need to be made. The simplest way is to sacrifice comfort and use the cash difference to accelerate your growth. It’s mind-boggling how many people blow away their money on meaningless things that they perceive as comfort. You don’t need the new iPhone, your old one still works perfectly, you don’t need to live in a big house or apartment in your twenties, cut down on rent and use the remaining cash somewhere productive. Poor people stay poor by trying to look rich, while rich people are busy getting richer by acting like they’re poor. Many highly successful individuals referred to this period as their “Rahman phase”, it’s the time when you cut down on comfort so much, that you survive on the bare minimum. There’s no need for comfort get yourself some Ramen noodles and get to work. You need to take the point we discussed about your comfort seriously if you want to know how to become rich and move your way high up the success ladder.

Sacrifice Number 13. The need to be liked:

Statistically, disagreeable people are a lot more likely to become rich and successful than agreeable people, this is a fact not an opinion. In order for people to like you, one needs to sacrifice oneself for the good of the other, that’s how it works. At the end of the deal, who is seeing growth and who isn’t? This doesn’t mean you should become an asshole, it just means that you need to focus on yourself first and sacrifice the need to be liked by others. If others will like you for who you are and what you’re doing that’s fine, but you’ll never go out of your way to make that happen. Getting rich is about getting the job done not by being the most popular person in the room.  If you want to know how to become rich and move your way high up the success ladder then you need to look at your need to be liked.

Sacrifice Number 14. Pride:

You do what you have to, to make it happen. If you’re too proud to work at a fast food joint just to be able to feed yourself well, during the night you work on your project. You’ll never be able to make it. Pride is counterproductive, you don’t need to think what other people will think of you. Mostly because people only care about themselves. “You Do You”, maintain focus on your goals on your objective and make your dreams become a reality not what others are expecting of you. Trust us when we say everybody respects the winner, you just have to get there first, put your head down sacrifice the pride you have and make it happen for yourself and your future family that’s how you win. If you want to know how to become rich and move your way high up the success ladder then you need to look at your pride.

Sacrifice Number 15. Immediate desires:

If you want to know how to become rich and move your way high up the success ladder then you need to look at your immediate desires. People are always seeking immediate gratification from even the slightest of efforts. Don’t! That’s what makes the difference between those who are going to make it and those who just want to portray the image that they are. If you stick to the plan put in constant amounts of work and improvement, you are bound to see positive results. The process here is pretty linear, as soon as you get the first glimpse of success. It’s easy to fall into the trap of congratulating yourself for the lap instead of focusing on winning the race. What usually happens while you’re busy fulfilling immediate desires is that you stray off course and end up with that small win as your highest point. Do you want to win small? Or you want to win big? Stay focused. Aeroberrites, now this is a difficult post to put together filled with things that you probably didn’t want to hear but these are the current rules of the game of money, you were probably hoping for an easy fix. How to get rich or whatever … The truth is that people who do make it to that level, are highly intelligent individuals who are driven, disciplined, focused and sacrifice almost everything for their career or journey. The expense for the success you seek is a great one, so think twice if you really wanted and what you’re willing to do to achieve it. If not for anything read this post every morning, and see how you can improve yourself at least by a little in some of these aspects. In order to get closer to your financial goals. We really hope you’ll be able to see the value in this post and if you do share it with someone who’s got the same mindset as you do. What do you think? Aerroberites, is getting rich and living the lifestyle you want worth all of these sacrifices? Let us know in the comments and you know we’ve got a bonus fact for you for reading until the end, right? Here it is.

NUMBER 16 > Bonus Tip >  These sacrifices are short term versus long term rewards:

After looking at this list you might think who in their right mind would sacrifice their family just for money. In order for the post to not be wrongfully interpreted, we want to make this clear, “you can have everything”,  you can have the loving family, the close group of friends, a healthy lifestyle, the social status and the comfort you want. You just need to postpone them by a couple of years, the alternative is living a fulfilled life. A life cursed by the question of “what if”?  And trying to justify other people’s hard work as luck or good fortune. These are the realities of what it takes to get it all.

Work hard when they won’t, so you can enjoy the life they can’t. It’s always amazing to see how many people fail to read this post until the end if you did please write. “I want it all in the comments just to keep track of who the real Aeroberrites are.

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30 Comments on How To Become Rich | 15 Sacrifices You Need To Make If You Want To Become Rich

  1. Thanks Aeroberry for the message.
    I want it all!!!
    I can’t eat the rahem noodles. I prefer cooking soap or stew to manage for some days & a little raheem noodles sometimes.

  2. To answer your question, you being so willing to tell the truth, made it more clear to me than before; that one needs to focus on getting things done and that makes less time to work on relationships and making sure that someone likes us. We being the ones that not only hope for a better future but want to do the work needed.

  3. That just made me very glad I’ve never had the desire to be wealthy, though when I was young I did apply some of those principles, at least in part to make myself comfortable, financially secure. However, I used the term ‘wealthy’ rather than ‘rich’, advisedly because to me someone who has a happy, loving and supportive family or partner, who is content with their lot (assuming they can pay their bills) and couldn’t give a damn about whether their phone or some other possession is the latest model, are the ones who are truly rich. When I was a kid, my father used to say sometimes “Huh! You’re easily pleased” and it wasn’t a compliment. Only when I grew up did it occur to me that someone who is easily pleased is going to have a much happier life that someone who constantly wants more and thus is always discontent.

  4. I find it that in my personal journey, having a healthy balance between work and hobbies keeps me more motivated and I try to partake in hobbies that can possibly benefit me because I’m learning new skills, such as practicing my French and Russian, creating designs on illustrator or making short video clips, as well as exercising. I notice that I spend way too much time on my phone, more so than I do doing these hobbies and I’m working on changing that.

  5. Yeah I gotta put my ass down and sweat it out hard, in a few years I will be my dream. I want it all.
    Thanks you guys, love that job ya’ll doin for me. Can I work with you guys? just to be closer to you and learn more, though I dint finish my journalism books due to financial issues. If can allow me, I will be greatful to show you what I am not who I am. Thanks again.

  6. Although I can see that many, if not most, people going down the road this post presents. It doesn’t have to be that way.
    I for example, although have postponed having kids, for financial reasons. Have found a way to work with my mom, or at the very least help her in her work in a way that also benefits me. So it that way I don’t sacrifice family time as we spend time together.
    For health, if you don’t have the time just find a way to blend that with your job. You definitely can find at the very least 15min to do some exercise.
    As for happiness. Like someone once said “Find something you love to do, and you will never work again.” So if you can make your “hobby” a means to make money, that’s great.
    Because happiness doesn’t mean you will never work. I truly believe in order to be truly happy you need love and to do fulfilling work.
    For sleep, personally if I sleep more than 6 hours I actually wake up tired. But I believe you need to keep a balance, as sleep deprivation could take a big toll on you on the long run.

  7. Eating that ramen noodle isn’t gonna give you enough fuel to run 16 hours/day. Sleeping a few hours doesn’t help either. Sacrifice your health will just destroy you. If you want to have enough energy and focus to do the other 12 sacrifices, you’ve got to eat right, sleep enough, and have good health. Otherwise, you won’t make it. And no, money doesn’t buy you good health and it doesn’t get you a time machine either.

  8. I, for the most part, agree with most of this list. It was actually quite fascinating, but I feel like there was just a couple big snags.

    You see, I believe that rather than giving up on friendship all together, one should give up on the friends who are incompatible with what you’re doing. Just like you said, the 1.8 friends a billionaire has are also trying to get rich, so they push each other forward. So sacrifice the friends that hold you back, for the ones that push you forward. Same with family and the need to be liked: surround yourself with those who synergize with you, and each other. Easier said than done, obviously, but it at least seems like a more effective tactic than just “sacrifice friendship.”

  9. Hmmmmm. As a psychologist some of these recommendations are a little concerning! BALANCE is vital. There is simply no justification to become mentally or physically ill to get “rich”or be a winner. If you fall off the perch, you have lost anyway. Of course, sacrifice, focus, determination, discipline and willpower are hallmarks of people who are successful – however – it has to be balanced with nutrition, enough sleep to function well and not isolating yourself to the point you have no support network or people to care about you. Just saying. PS: I have pulled all-nighters at university and in business to get something accomplished – not something I’d recommend as a lifestyle choice!


  11. I want it all.
    And i will get it all.
    I am currently watching this on my 4 year old laptop while sitting in my car that I bought used, writing my dissertation for a post graduate course I paid for with own money that I made working almost exclusively 6:30 pm to 3:30 am shifts (because of extra night allowance).

  12. I kept my car for 264000 miles a Honda Accord (bought used) for 17 years before it broke down. I slept in my car for over a month only to shower at 24 hour fitness nightly. I ate ramen and fruit as a college student with little Caesar’s pizza only for studying for a midterm/final. I have worked 16 hour days for 6 days in a week. Went back to school (for a second bachelor) just to start a fraternity. I was humiliated and a laughing stock of my friends and family. I bought used clothes to keep myself comfortable. I even drove a clunker 1989 Camry bought for 500 dollars as a college student after my lease for a civic ended. It had mildew growing in the center console. After that was my old accord. Now I have a convertible bought used which I love and is only a step away from my dream car. In about 10 years will try to shoot for my dream car, a new bmw convertible m4. I worked as a host even though I had a bachelors degree. I had to do what I had to do to survive. Now I got freedom to only work when I need to. I call the shots when I want to. I sacrificed my 20s and I feel I might be socially awkward and went through a break up last year. I’m in my mid 30s now but it’s a good feeling knowing that I got a solid foundation. I want to spend time with my kid one day and look for a girl who has the guts to sacrifice to go one step back to go two steps forward. It’s true you gotta sacrifice before you get to the promised land.

  13. I want it all! Just found this website, this is only my second post, but you better believe I’m now a follower of your website and i am heading to your motivational category for more!

  14. Thanks for the efforts of putting together this good learning post. It’s a wake up call to a lot of people esp. the younger ones.

  15. Kai Li – Consume Less. Extract More.
    1 year ago (edited)
    Couldn’t agree more with number 1. Haven’t heard it from any other channel, except perhaps Robert Kiyosaki, do NOT have kids young! I watch my friends and peers fall into the financial trap by having kids in their 20s. Now that I’m financially free in my late 20s, I can still pursue a family or whatever it is I deem important, instead of focusing on keeping a job and paying bills.

  16. Honestly … I am 21 years old .. I am the director of a branding and graphic design company in south Africa … I worked as an assistant photographer from the time I was 16 to save up and buy my laptop for me to study because I am in my last year of my degree and I am studying on a student loan … This video made me realise that my sacrifices are not going in vain … This is insightful and beneficial to my goals … thank you

  17. WOW I thought i was the only one! Im with ya man! Eating less than Ramen noodles at age 50 is not fun! But at least i have my mind and my mind will take me to the promised land! I have plans as well and its time i execute them! .

  18. I want it all !
    The sacrifices are can be painful in the short term but the end product and goal is what worth while

  19. My bills are low, driving an 8yr old car and working on improving my health. Making changes, although small, is better than making no changes!#IWantITAll

  20. I want it all! Just found this website tonight, great info!
    Can’t sacrifice my health and family though. Although I do have a question which has me torn. Should I learn new skills just to do things I don’t feel comfortable with (legal) just to create new streams of income or maintain the path of my dreams which seem to be closer? Input greatly valued.

  21. Two quotes from Dave Ramsey popped into my head during this post:
    1) Children do what feels good. Adults devise a plan and follow it.

    2) If you live like no one else, later you can live and give like no one else.

  22. I want it all. 😃😍
    Wohoo!!! This is a great video. So inspiring!!
    Although we need to take care of our health. Coz health is wealth. And we do not want to use our money just to take care of our health. And sleep is important too.

  23. All right! Let me introduce myself to the audience: my name is Jonathan I’m 22 years old on the 4th of April this year I will be 23 years old. I’m from Europe, Balkans peninsula Republic of North Macedonia city of Skopje.
    Our minimum and most common wage is: 200 EUR in Albania it’s: 150EUR and most of “non-European Union nationals”countries [or as they are called “third-world/third-party countries”in the European continent] Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and I would include here as well Bulgaria one of European Union member states with their’s minimum wages up to 350EUR.
    These numbers are facts, not an opinion!
    So, for these wages people in the Balkans work on a job such as: Market places, bazaars, shops, security guards, supermarkets, waiters, bartenders, cleaners in big corporations etc. Same story all around the planet.These are our “student jobs”.
    At least in the Macedonian system: we don’t have the exclusive option called > working hours so we don’t do part-time jobs!
    The corporations demand you on full-time contract with shifts: mostly first and second shift on the weekly roasters with 2 days off and for the most jobs like receptions, security etc. We have the third night shift.
    Our (In Macedonia) night hours and public holiday working hours are not paid extra (the best cases if they are paid like maybe up to 5/10EUR + by the day worked on a public holiday)
    This is a major problem for many students, to leave the university for a while if they want some cash and they indeed need some cash because even the state university it’s not free of a charge and fees (in the state universities, we have the public quote which is 200EUR and the private quote which is 500EUR for a year of bachelor studies + up to 200EUR in fees and books you need to buy in order to pass the exams) not because we don’t have the option for part-time jobs, it’s because we get mostly paid by the work not by the hours, because our working hours didn’t pay you anything like up to 3EUR per hour if you are working something like promoter of some perfumes maybe.
    Second point: our (Macedonian) minimum wage calculated for a 4 member family to survive on the basic needs like: rent, bills and food, it’s 500EUR and that’s just enough not to be hungry, so: EACH HOUSE with 4 members NEEDS TO HAVE 500EUR or 30.000MKD (Macedonian denars)
    So, long story short you will need to work extra hours and move to a place which will cost you not more than 50EUR rent per month plus bills that will be up to 16EUR in order to have for your ass earning of 154EUR if your wage is 227EUR and you are left with several options of savings 50EUR per month (600EUR per year) and left with 105EUR for food and other expenses or number 2. 100EUR of savings (1200EUR per year) with 56EUR for food and other expenses
    and if you are working extra hours with your estimated wage of 227EUR (14000 MKD) for 30 days you will get 325EUR (20000MKD) we are off to my strategy that you will get 252EUR OF MONEY THAT YOU CAN PUT IN A SPECIAL BANK ACCOUNT FOR SAVING THAT YOU CAN’T USE THEM FOR THE NEXT 12MONTH and that you will end up with 3 024EUR for a year of saving (and that is if you don’t eat at all this is the total earning numbers) of course you can use some 32EUR per month to eat something in the month!
    You can get even more, if you work two jobs as well, on the days when you will be third shift that starts from 22:00PM
    Than you can buy a van and travel across the Balkans and Europe or continue for the next year and open some sort of caffe bar, shop or something as we drink coffe a lot in the Balkans

  24. I want it all. But… I an 47, husband and father of 3 with 2 dogs. So… adjustments need to be made. There are things in this video I can do and others I won’t because I have a family.

    For the young people starting out. You have time. If you are 20 years old, set your goals. Push for what YOU want. Don’t get married unless you two are aiming for the same thing. With that said, don’t get married until you both have arrived.

    @ 47, i did sacrifice many of these things to earn a great living. What I failed to do is specialize in one or two things. I am still young enough to reach for some stars but…. some stars have darken. Don’t be me. Work hard and remember there are no shortcuts.

    Now go stake your claim.

  25. So true. I left my parents, rent a house in a very quite place in a developed city, quit all social lives (not to mention social medias), the only things I kept was running everyday and working on my projects. Failed and nearly bankrupted twice. 5 years later I’m earning $100K/month. And I just had a cute baby at 31 with my lovely wife. I’m not in the US but such sacrifices are really needed wherever you are.

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