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I Can’t Trust Nigerian Politicians – Governor Wike

– The Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike, has said that he cannot trust Nigerian politicians

– Wike said that politicians in the country are to be watched carefully, since, according to him, they can change at any time

– He also said that he cannot be carried away by congratulatory messages sent to him on his election victory

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state on Saturday, June 15, said that Nigerian politicians are not to be trusted, adding that they are a set of people “you must watch very carefully.”

Insisting that he will always be vigilant, Wike said that he is not in any way carried away by congratulatory messages and sweet talking, The Cable reports.

Wike said: “I am not carried away by all the congratulatory and goodwill messages. So, as a politician, one group of people you must watch very carefully are the politicians. They are easily swayed. Some believe; when they believe, they believe.

“Something can entice politicians and they can change. If you watch what happened at the national assembly, you can see that this is the attitude of politicians.

“You see the party has a position; before you know it, they are selling out themselves for one plate of porridge. This one has a case and he wants them to withdraw the case.

“It is difficult for me to give 100 percent trust that a man will continue to be like this or like that. The only person that cannot change is God.

“For human beings, they can always change. That is why they are human beings. You can trust a human being, but be careful to open your eyes because anything can happen.”

Meanwhile,it was earlier reported that Wike had stated that the politicization of security was responsible for the insecurity across the country.

Speaking during a courtesy visit by the Charge D’Affairs, embassy of Netherlands at the Government House, Port Harcourt on Wednesday, May 8, Governor Wike said when security issues involve opposition states, the authorities play politics.

The governor said if there is security challenges in any state controlled by the opposition, politics was usually introduced. “The problem we have is the politicization of security. As an opposition state, once we have security challenges, politics is introduced,” he said.

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