EPL: Rasford and Alexander-Arnord brothers robbed at gun point

Marcus Rashford and brother manager Dane
Marcus Rashford and brother manager Dane

Marcus Rashford brother Dane and Trent Alexander-Arnold brother Tyler were beaten and robbed at gun point in a restaurant at Manchester. The two friends were robbed at the Little Rock restaurant located at Greater Manchester. Rashford brother wrist-watch was taken away from him while Tyler, Alexander-Arnold brother’s wallet and Range Rover were also taken away from him. Tyler’s Range Rover was later found by police at Bowland Drive in Fallowfield.  According to the report, there was a third unnamed friend with them who was also attacked when the robbers struck.

The brutal gang had a shotgun, machete and baseball bat and attacked them shortly after they had stopped at the restaurant. They came with a white BMW 3 series according to a witness.

Before the incident took place, the trio were on their way to the south coast to see Liverpool’s evening match with Brighton when they decided to stop at the Little Rock restaurant in Princess Road, Manchester.

Dane Rashford though he is the brother to Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford, he is his brother manager. His girl friend is Instagram model Lauryn Goodman who travelled with him around Russia last summer to see Marcus represent England.

Trent Alexander-Arnold and brother Tyler
Trent Alexander-Arnold and brother Tyler

On the other hand, Tyler Alexander-Arnold the brother to Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold manages the business interests of his brother Trent.

In connection with the robbery, Police have arrested six people for questioning who are aged 18, 19, 23 and 58. Two 17-year-olds were also held on suspicion of robbery.

None of them was seriously injured but they have been left understandably shaken following the incident.

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