Stella Damasus Sends Message To Feminists On Social Media

In 2019, there is such a thing as social media feminist in Nigeria, a phrase used to define a group of women who raise their swords the moment their position as women in society is belittled or threatened.

While their cause might be justified, sometimes, they are perceived as being unnecessarily angry and get dismissed when they raise their worries concerning an issue. With the increase of such women on social media, some have established that they are not really feminists at heart but are just fighting alone in a battle no one knows about.

Just recently, Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus, made a case as per being a proud feminist, and stated that a bitter woman is not same as a woman fighting for gender equality. Damasus begged that people should stop blurring the lines and ultimately, rubbishing the fight of women who desire to see their gender progress.

Read her post below:

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