Supporters Mock Opponents As Buhari Jogs In Makkah

Supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari have mocked opponents of the president who have been claiming that the Number One Citizen is not healthy enough.

A video which showed President Buhari jogging in the mid of multitude of pilgrims while performing the lesser Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, has gone viral.

The president, clad in white, was seen jogging – a highly recommended aspect of the first phase of circumambulation (going around the Ka’aba) in the Grand Mosque.

The video released by the NTA had attracted comments from admirers of the president who mockingly asked Buhari’s traducers to repent so as not to attract the wrath of God. At the end of the exercise, Buhari granted an interview where he said he would continue to pray for Nigeria to overcome its challenges of nationhood.

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