Wives Should Be The Ones Getting Their Husband’s Salary – Pastor

Ghanaian preacher and evangelist Isaac Aning has said that the salary a husband receives should be paid into the bank account of his wife.

Wives should be the ones receiving their husband’s salary – PastorSource: UGC

The man of God said this is a method he has tried and is still trying out and it has been working perfectly for him.

He went on to reveal that he only receives whatever amount she hands to him.“Men should even change their salary name into their wive’s names so that at the end of the month, the women will go for the money and give some to the men.

For me, after every show, I give all the money I get to my wife to count and keep it, she gives me some if I need it.

I am saying this because women are very good in taking care of the family and also know the needs of the children’, he added.

Recently, a pastor was arrested for impregnating a teenage member of his church. This man of God was also caught with a number of charms.

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