How A Woman Stabed The Corpse of Her Boyfriends Ex Inside A Mortuary


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Battle to The Grave: Woman Stabs The Corpse of Her Boyfriends Ex Inside Mortuary (Photo)

A woman is accused of storming a funeral home and slashing the body of her boyfriend’s ex with a knife, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.Shaynna Sims, 26, reached into the casket of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend at a funeral home and slashed the dead woman’s face, then smeared her make-up and ran away when family members caught her red-handed. The incident became known to police after a family had complained a body waiting to be interred had been vandalised by an unknown woman.

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The victim’s family say they found Sims with her hands inside the coffin

Sims was arrested on suspicion of illegally dissecting a human body. Later police officers have found a folding knife with the deceased woman’s hair on it, as well as scissors, a box cutter and various makeup items. The attack is alleged to have taken place while the body was in a coffin. Sims is now awaiting her trial and is being held on $20,000 bail, as police are looking for the attack motive.

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According to eyewitnesses, the dead woman’s face was cut from her hairline to the tip of her nose, her makeup was smeared and her hair was on the floor. Funeral director John Wilson giving comments on the incident said: “It’s really unfortunate that it happened.. We have 100 years of experience in this building and nobody’s ever experienced anything like that.”

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