Nigerian Lady Steals UK Woman’s Identity To Live On Social Security (Photo)


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A 30-year-old Nigerian woman, Oluwaseun Adenubi, has been arrested by the UK authorities after it was discovered that she stole an identity belonging to another Nigerian-British born woman so as to have her needs and those of her baby, taken care of by that country’s tax payers, reports Daily Mail.

Adenubi who posed as Rita Ogunkunle, is reported to have stolen the identity to obtain free NHS medical care during the delivery of her son Moses, and got £3,500 in the process.

She is also said to be living east London suburb and is receiving £9,000 in state handouts.

It is also alleged that Adenubi used Ogunkunle’s passport to obtain free medical care during the delivery of her son Moses.

She then allowed Ogunkunle, 32, and partner Michael Adebambo, 46, to register as Moses’s parents to get him free NHS care and a UK passport, a court heard.

Judge John Tanzer described the case as ‘a Nigerian plot to use the “International Health Service” and then take further advantage’.

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It was discovered that Adenubi went to London when pregnant in 2014 on a family visit visa, which allowed her to stay for up to six months but after the expiration of her her visa, she stayed put and was arrested and handed an eight-month suspended prison sentence for fraud, but she still found a way to hide in the country and had her baby who is now one.

“She now lives in a two-bedroom semi-detached house – paid for by the taxpayer – in an east London suburb, receiving around £9,000 a year in state handouts,” quotes the paper.


In her defense, Adenubi said she fled Nigeria because her son’s father abused her.

When Ogunkunle was arrested in August last year, she claimed Adenubi took the passport after moving into her spare room, but Adenubi denied that she ever knew Ogunkunle or her partner, saying she ‘found their papers on a park bench’.

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Registering the birth of the baby and said she had been introduced to Adenubi by a friend of her mother’s and took pity on her … She told police she was angry at Adenubi using her identity and tried to beat her to it by registering the child.

‘[Adebambo] said his girlfriend asked him … to register a birth … He said he did it out of love for [her] and was very remorseful.’

A spokesman for King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the hospital where Adenubi was treated, said: ‘We are still working to recover monies owed in this case.’

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