What Is Aeroberry Silver Premium Package And How To Subscribe

Stop everything you are doing now and read this! You are about to read a betting secret that will change your entire life if you have lost so much to the Bookies before or you desire to make extra income from betting.

Do you know that you can become a millionaire in ten days with just 1k stake on two odds? it is ludicrous right? Most people who read this may think this is a joke but it is 100% real many punters lose so much to the Bookies because they don’t have the required skills needed to beat the bookies[Bet9ja Merrybet bet365 etc.]. For you to beat the Bookies you must be disciplined have a great accounting skill a good bankroll or money management system and a professional expert to guide you because sport investment is a serious business with lot of pitfalls attached to it.
Do you know that most people win and lose more than their won amount to the Bookies? Yes! That is true you reading this could be a victim as well if you aren’t then you must be new to sport betting or investment. There is a general rule which states that no matter how much money a gambler wins over the long run they will lose that money back to the Bookies even if they win 1 billion  as long as they keep playing they will surely lose it back. The bookies knows this and they really hate us for exposing these secrets to you. The only way you can survive in the punting industry is to see gambling as an investment i.e you have to take calculated risk. When you are investing you are taking calculated and planned risk but when you are gambling you are playing for the fun of the game and you will surely lose all in the long run no matter how much you win. Ask your self this question “since I started gambling have I won more than my losses?” If you answered yes to this question then you are doing the wrong thing you are either gambling which is playing for fun rather than investing you are taking un-calculated risk.

Aeroberry Silver plan will make you a millionaire in 10 successful days, after win you pay us 270,000 after win. On the Silver plan our company will be sending you 2.00 that won’t fail for ten days, in case of any error we will start again from day one without you paying any fee.
When you become a silver member our company will ask you to stake 1k on our 2.00 odds on day one and roll over the profit plus the capital for the next 9 days.
Here is the math below;
1. 1000 x 2.00 = 2,000. (Day one).
2. 2000 x 2.00 = 4,000. (Day two).
3. 4000 x 2.00 = 8,000. (Day three).
4. 8000 x 2.00 = 16,000. (Day four).
5. 16,000 x 2.00 = 32,000. (Day five).
6. 32,000 x 2.00 = 64,000. (Day six).
7. 64,000 x 2.00 = 128,000. (Day seven).
8. 128,000 x 2.00 = 256,000. (Day eight).
9. 256,000 x 2.00 = 512,000. (Day nine).
10. 512,000 x 2.00 = 1,024,000. (Day ten).
You can see from the scenario above that your 1k will make you a millionaire in 10 successful days. The silver membership plan is paid for after win which we charge 270,000 Naira, but to ensure that customers don’t withdraw their funds and cater with the whole proceeds nor terminate the plan during the 10 days period our company ensure that all new silver members must purchase the Bronze plan for 6 months. The Bronze plan cost 7000 Naira, for 6 months it will cost you 42,000 Naira(7000 x 6 = 42,000), but don’t worry a discount will be given to you and you will have to pay 30,000 Naira instead of 42,000. Therefore as a Silver member, you will be getting the Bronze games for 6 months at a discounted price and our sure 2.00 rollover. At this point you must be smiling. In summary our Silver plan cost 30k for a start and 270k after win. Therefore as a Silver member you will be getting both the Bronze games at a discounted rate and as well as the 10 days rollover. On the Silver membership you will be saving 12k off the Bronze VIP plan [42,000 – 30,000 = 12,000].

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